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These should be Classic Trek stories - no slash please.

We aren't going to act as editors. Stories will be posted as they are sent to us.

We do ask, therefore, that the story has been checked for mistakes (eg typos, which can happen to the best of us :-))

We would appreciate a *short* and very basic summary of the story for inclusion on the index page; not more than two lines, and a word count, as well as a date when the story was first printed (if possible) and where. (You'll have seen the sort of thing we want on the site). If the story is set in the movie era please give a clear indication of this in the summary.

Stories would be best sent in text, but anything you intend to be in italics should be clearly marked with <i> in front of the italicised word(s) and </i> at the end. Anything in bold should be marked as <b>...</b>. Scene breaks should be marked with ***** . Some people use very complicated html coding, and we prefer to keep it simple. We're not sure how the coding affects the programs that the blind use, but we've been told that the ScoTpress site is *very* accessible for blind users, the implication being that some sites aren't.

If you aren't able to type up a text copy we are posting a few stories as PDFs that have been scanned from a printed copy. If you'd like your story posted in this format, we'll need a good quality printed copy to scan. These PDFs are a more limited format so we hope to OCR and convert them to html files as time permits. If we did this we would give you the opportunity to proofread the story before posting it.

If your story has already been published in a zine, we'll need a zine/publisher credit. If we scan a story from a zine and we get a complaint from the zine publisher we will need to take the story down - but we will then prioritise it for converting to html.

Please do not send stories without contacting us first so we know to expect them - we never accept emails with attachments from an unknown source.

In addition, as it is easy for email to be mis-identified as spam if you don't get a reply from us within a day or two try again using something obvious in the subject heading.

Send emails to: Story-Submissions