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Repeat Missions 1 - 4

These zines were published by the Star Trek Action Group while we ran it the club.

The zines are available to read as PDFs which have been produced by scanning the original zines. Click on the cover and the zine should open in a new tab in most browsers on computers, laptops and tablets. You might struggle to read them on small screens. Clicking on any coloured title will open a text copy of the story.

You may save a copy for your own personal use (right click on cover and 'save target as'). If you wish to make use of the PDFs in any other way, please contact us. Please do not further distribute the PDFs.

COPYRIGHT While we had permission from the writers and artists to publish their fanworks in our zines with reprint rights and hard copies of many (though not the earliest) of these zines do exist in the British Library, none of us in fandom in those early days envisioned online publication. Unfortunately we have lost touch with most of the writers and artists and some of them are no longer with us. We are hoping none of our contributors will object to us making the zines available through the Archive as part of our way of honouring and preserving early fandom. If you are a writer or an artist who does object, please contact us to discuss various options, such as removing your work. The story/art pages can be replaced with placeholder pages leaving only the title and the contributor’s name in the Table of Contents. contact us.



Repeat Missions 1

  • Fun and Games by Margaret Draper (P3)
  • Daydream  by T.G.Z.C. (poem) (P4)
  • Doubt  by Ann Looker (P5)
  • Perchance to Dream  by Sheila Clark (P14)
  • Vulcan's Lament for His Homeland  by Beth Hallam (poem) (P28)
  • A Step in Time  by Valerie Piacentini (P29)
  • The Riddle  by T.G.Z.C. (poem) (P33)
  • Ara  by Janet Quarton (P34)
Art by Nicola Moore (cover)
Published by STAG in July 1979 - 49 pages


Repeat Missions 2

  • Fires of Lorne  by Sheila Clark (P3)
  • Silent Love  by Margaret Bertram (poem) (P9)
  • The Yeti's Footprint  by Elizabeth Sharp (P10)
  • Storm The  by T.G.Z.C. (poem) (P20) )
  • Harp Strings  by Janet Hall (poem) (P25)
  • Prejudice  by Sheila Clark (P26)
  • Beauty - Four Views  by T.G.Z.C. (poem) (P39)
  • Babel Scene  by Janet Quarton (P40)
  • Daydream  by T.G.Z.C. (poem) (P41)
  • The Yeti's Footprint  by Helen Sneddon (P42)
Art by Nicola Moore (cover), Martin Bradley
Published by STAG in October 1979 - 51 pages


Repeat Missions 3 - Bailey Collected

  • Attack, The  by Valerie Piacentini (P3)
  • Murder Twice Removede  by Valerie Piacentini (P6)
  • Doctor's Wish  by Gladys Oliver (poem) (P13)
  • Cleansing Fire  by Valerie Piacentini (P14)
  • Caveat Scriptor  by Caroline Nixon (poem) (P24)
  • Hide and Seek  by Valerie Piacentini (P25)
  • Coloured Tribbles  by Nora Manning (poem) (P30)
  • Captain's Gold  by Valerie Piacentini (P31)
  • One Good Turn  by Valerie Piacentini (P51)
  • Spock... to Bones  by Gladys Oliver (poem) (P51)
  • Decision  by Valerie Piacentini (P52)
  • Happiness is a Warm... Dragon  by Valerie Piacentini (P62)
Art by Roo (cover), Martin Bradley
Published by STAG in January 1980 - 68 pages


Repeat Missions 4

  • Home Is the Hunted  by Veronica Wallace (P3)
  • Ordeal  by Valerie Piacentini (P10)
  • Tribble  by Anne Snell (poem) (P13)
  • Open to Suggestions  by Janet Hall (P14)
  • As Never Before  by Gillian Catchpole (poem) (P38)
  • The Last Troubador  by Margaret Draper (P39)
  • An Investment In Time  by Nancy Kippax (P45)
  • The Whisky Chorus (Starfleet Version)  by Kathleen Glancy (poem) (P50)
Art by Nicola Moore (cover), Ena Glogowska, Sandy Sapatka
Published by STAG in January 1980 - 50 pages.