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Classic Star Trek zines published for over twenty years.
Now, some of the stories from these zines,
stories that are long out of print,
are being posted here.

This is a growing archive of Star Trek stories taken from the 233 zines we published through STAG, ScoTpress and IDIC between 1975 and 1996. STAG and IDIC were Star Trek fan clubs, whilst ScoTpress was our own independent press. The stories we are posting are all ones that fit the ScoTpress guidelines.

ScoTpress published gen fan fiction that followed the adventures of the Enterprise and her crew, a lot of which involve character interaction in an action-adventure format, leaning heavily on the relationship between Kirk, Spock and McCoy or their relationship with other members of the crew.

The vast majority of stories published by ScoTpress are TOS based - i.e. set during the five year mission of the original series, although we did publish a series of zines based on Star Trek the Next Generation.  Most stories fit into one or more of the following categories - action-adventure, alternate-universe, angst, episode-related, hurt-comfort, relationship.

We are only posting individual stories in HTML format where we have the permission of the writers. However as an experiment we have decided to produce archive copies of the original zines as PDF files and to make them available as downloads. Many of the zines were donated to the British, Scottish and one or two other libraries on legal deposit. As far as we know copies can be obtained on payment of a copyright fee.

If any contributors object to their stories, poetry, or artwork being made available in this way we will remove them from the zines on request.

The PDFs have been scanned from a printed copy and are best viewed on a 9"-10" tablet. They are also readable on a laptop or computer with a large screen.

We also host some stories that didn't appear in our zines.

Gene Roddenberry and Majel Barrett Audio Tapes

We have uploaded some audio recordings of Gene and Majel as mp3s. Some are from personal tapes, others are from conventions or intervies. Click below for list.

Audio Tapes (mp3s)

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Last Update 15/02/2023 Added STAG newsletters 1-49 to Zine Archive.

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