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Enterprise Log Entries 44 - 94

The zines are available to read as PDFs which have been produced by scanning the original zines. Click on the cover and the zine should open in a new tab in most browsers on computers, laptops and tablets. You might struggle to read them on small screens. Clicking on any coloured title will open a text copy of the story

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COPYRIGHT While we had permission from the writers and artists to publish their fanworks in our zines with reprint rights and hard copies of many (though not the earliest) of these zines do exist in the British Library, none of us in fandom in those early days envisioned online publication. Unfortunately we have lost touch with most of the writers and artists and some of them are no longer with us. We are hoping none of our contributors will object to us making the zines available through the Archive as part of our way of honouring and preserving early fandom. If you are a writer or an artist who does object, please contact us to discuss various options, such as removing your work. The story/art pages can be replaced with placeholder pages leaving only the title and the contributor’s name in the Table of Contents. contact us.


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Enterprise Log Entries 44

  • Hermits of Mesnia  by  Vicki Richards (P3)
  • The Aura Virus  by  Kelly Downs (P15)
  • Coming back to Jim  by  Sharon Stockley (poem) (P15)
  • A Further Piece of the Action  by  Therese Holmes (P16)
  • Sonnet  by  Meg Wright (poem) (P35)
  • Roger, Not Roger?  by  Meg Wright (P36)
  • Without You  by  My Side  by  S. Meek (poem) (P37)
  • Venom  by  Ann Preece (P38)
  • Kolinahr  by  Gillian Catchpole (poem) (P55)
Art by Anne Humphrey (incl. Cover), Maria Johnston
Published in August 1981 - 55 pages


Enterprise Log Entries 45

  • To Live Again  by  Mariangela Cerrino (p3)
  • Last Rites  by  Barry Maxwell (p14)
  • The Last Command  by  Ann Preece (poem) (p17)
  • Command Procedure  by  Crystal Ann Taylor (poem) (p36)
  • The Visitors  by  Therese Holmes (p37)
  • Enterprise Nursery Rhymes  by  The Wright Family (poem) (p49)
  • Reflections of Love  by  Ann Smith (poem) (p50)
  • Across the Black Hole  by  Giovanna Ratti (p52)
  • Last Hours  by  Gillian Catchpole (poem) (p53)
  • Return to the Enterprise  by  Ann Preece (p54)
  • The Captain's Lady  by  Ann Smith (p54)
Art by Anne Humphrey (incl. Cover), Martin Delaney, Barbara Gordon
Published in November 1981 - 55 pages



Enterprise Log Entries 46

  • The Missing Hours  by  Vicki Richards (p3)
  • Sonnet  by  Meg Wright (poem) (p6)
  • End Game  by  Elaine W. (p7)
  • Plastered  by  Shirley Buck (p11)
  • Amok Time  by  Sheryl Peterson (poem) (p16)
  • The Lake  by  Mariann Hornlein (p17)
  • Mr Spock - Sugar  by  Ann Smith (poem) (29)
  • An Extraordinary Day…  by  Lesley Walker (p30)
  • Contact  by  Gillian Catchpole (poem) (p37)
  • An Impossible Choice  by  Ann Preece (p38)
  • Echoes of Immunity  by  Lee Owers (poem) (p47)
  • A Distressing Tendency to Giggle   by   Meg Wright (P48)
  • Ni Var  by  Sheryl Peterson (poem) (p53)
  • Emotion  by  Ann Smith (poem) (p53)
  • The Vulcan Hawk  by  Sheryl Peterson (poem) (p54)
Art by Anne Humphrey (incl. Cover), Lee Sullivan, Martin Delaney
Published in December 1981 - 54 pages.


Enterprise Log Entries 47

  • Waiting is the Hardest Part by Elizabeth Butler (p3)
  • Visions by Ann Smith (p12)
  • One Of Those @+%"&@! by Gladys Oliver (poem) (p32)
  • Sometimes by Marion McChesney (poem) (p32)
  • The Star of Cepheus by Vicki Richards (p33)
  • Half Vulcan by Monica Burnett (poem) (p39)
  • An Admiral's Lament by Therese Holmes (poem) (p39)
  • The Paradise Syndrome - Aftermath by Ann Preece (p40)
  • The Final Parting by Ann Smith (poem) (p43)
  • Reflections in a Distorting Mirror by Sheila Clark (p44)
Art by Anne Humphrey (incl. Cover), Martin Delaney
Published in February 1982 - 55 pages.


Enterprise Log Entries 48

  • A Problem of Navigation  by  Vicki Richards (p3)
  • The Other Half I Need  by  Karen Hayden (poem) (p12)
  • Paradise Missed  by  Janette Burton (p13)
  • To Trust Again  by  Beverly Knap (p22)
  • No Beach To Walk On  by  Sheryl Peterson (poem) (p44)
  • Confession  by  Ann Smith (poem) (p44)
  • Hero by Meg Wright (p45)
  • Naked Time  by Valerie Piacentini - A missing scene from the episode. (p48)
  • A Private Little Worry  by  Vicki Richards (p50)
  • Nursery Rhyme  by  The Wright Family (poem) (p51)
Art by Anne Humphrey (incl. Cover), Martin Delaney
Published in April 1982 - 51 pages.


Enterprise Log Entries 49

  • Sharp Corners  by  Vicki Richards(p3)
  • Rockfall  by  Karen O'Riley (p13)
  • Eternity  by  Ann Smith (poem) (p16)
  • Survey  by  Gillian Catchpole (poem) (p17)
  • Re-encounter  by  Barry Maxwell (poem) (p17)
  • The Final Orders  by  Doreen Dabinett (p18)
  • There Comes A Time to Share  by  Gillian Catchpole (poem) 20
  • Two Sides of Paradise  by  Sheryl Peterson (poem) (p21)
  • The Melakron Affair  by  Ann Preece (p22)
  • Spock  by  Ann Smith (poem) (p49)
Art by Anne Humphrey (Cover), Martin Delaney, Tracy Heather
Published in April 1982 - 49 pages.


Enterprise Log Entries 50

  • How Can It Take Forever  by  Lee Owers (poem) (p1)
  • In the Garden  by  Meg Wright (p3)
  • Golden Days  by  Vicki Richards (p5)
  • Where No Man  by  Ann Smith (poem) (p7)
  • Dawn Light  by  S. Meek (poem) (p8)
  • A Caged Bird  by  Linda Hughes (poem) (p9)
  • A Matter of Survival  by  Doreen DaBinett (p10)
  • Bonded  by  Monica Burnett (poem) (p25)
  • Partings  by  Valerie Piacentini (p27)
  • A Chip in Time  by  Lesley Walker (p29)
  • Bitter-Sweet  by  Gillian Catchpole (poem) (p35)
  • Logic is All  by  Sheila Clark (poem) (p36)
  • Rainbows Around the Moon  by  Gladys Oliver (poem) (p37)
  • Too High a Price  by  Lee Owers (p39)
  • The Exile of Charlie X  by  Sheryl Peterson (poem) (p42)
  • Actions Speak Louder  by  Valerie Piacentini (p43)
  • Memories of Paradise  by  Karen Hayden (poem) (p56)
  • Standard Survey  by  Sheila Clark (p57)
  • Caverns  by  Gillian Catchpole (poem) (p66)
  • Anticipation  by  Ellen Kobrin (poem) (p67)
  • IDIC...  by  Elizabeth Butler (p68)
  • Unwillingly to School  by  Meg Wright (p82)
  • Time of Needing  by  Sheryl Peterson (p97)
  • He I Choose  by  Sheryl Peterson (poem) (p98)
  • All That Glisters  by  Therese Holmes (p99)
  • The Answer  by  Gillian Catchpole (poem) (p108)
  • My T'hy'la  by  Ann Smith (poem) (p109)
  • You've Got a Friend  by  Ann Preece (p110)
  • Brief Oasis  by  Gladys Oliver (poem) (p123)
  • Diplomacy at All Costs  by  Vicki Richards (p124)
  • Understand My Fear  by  Lorraine Goodison (poem) (p129)
  • Every Form of Refuge...  by  Crystal Ann Taylor (p131)
  • At the Apointed Place  by  Gillian Catchpole (poem) (p146)
  • Chain Reaction  by  the Chain Gang (p147)
Art by Lee Sullivan (Cover), Gayle F, Ann Humphrey, Evallou Richardson, Barbara Gordon, Virginia Lee Smith, Martin Delaney and Roo.
Published in August 1982 - 147 pages.


Enterprise Log Entries 51

  • Superman  by  Doreen DaBinett (p3)
  • The Journey Home  by  Vicki Richards (p12)
  • Be There  by  Lorraine Goodison (poem) (p13)
  • Snow Leave  by  Linda Watt (p14)
  • A New Beginning  by  Liz Butler (p23)
  • Twenty-Third Century Destiny  by  Vicki Richards (poem) (p29)
  • Game of Deceit  by  Lorraine Goodison (p30)
  • To Find A Home  by  Karen Hayden (poem) (p53)
Art by Anne Humphrey (Cover), Martin Delaney
Published in October 1982 - 53 pages.


Enterprise Log Entries 52

  • Green Dragons  by  Ann Smith (p3)
  • Dispeople  by  Glyn & Lynda Probert (p11)
  • Tholian Web  by  Karen Hayden (poem) (p25)
  • Gateway into Hope  by  Vicki Richards (p26)
  • Revelation  by  Liz Butler (poem) (p36)
  • Memories of Another Day  by  Margaret Rainey (p37)
  • Reunited - Never to be Parted  by  Karen Hayden (poem) (p47)
  • Alternative Logic  by  Lorraine Goodison (p48)
  • Questions & Answers  by  Janette Burton (poem) (p51)
Art by Sandy Sapatka (Cover), Kate Deery & Mel White, Martin Delaney
Published in December 1982 - 51 pages.


Enterprise Log Entries 53

  • Not So Easy  by  Doreen DaBinett (p3)
  • Everlasting Bond of Friendship  by  Karen Hayden (poem) (p16)
  • Reason  by  Elaine Leeke (poem) (p17)
  • The Practical Joke  by  Sue Skevington (p18)
  • Old Faithful Friend  by  Janice Pitkethley (p21)
  • Mindsifter  by  Linda C Wood (p24)
  • Rejoice in Diversity  by  Karen Hayden (poem) (p33)
  • Open Letter  by  Janice Bowers (poem) (p35)
  • Diplomatic Diversion  by  Sheila Clark (p36)
Art by Sandy Sapatka (Cover), Martin Delaney, Janice Pitkethley, Virginia Lee Smith Published February 1983 - 53 pages.


Enterprise Log Entries 54

  • Stars and Losers  by  Geraldine Griffin (p3)
  • The Universe  by  Sharon Stockley (poem) (p43)
  • Future Shock  by  Vicki Richards (p45)
  • Shadow Kirk  by  Sheryl Peterson (poem) (p54)
Art by Anne Humphrey (Cover, Martin Delaney and Adrienne Brown. Published in April 1983 - 53 pages.


Enterprise Log Entries 55

  • A Dangerous Gamble  by  C.E. Hall (p1)
  • A Realisation  by  Sharon O'Doherty (poem) (p24)
  • Sole Duty  by  Carol Davidson (p25)
  • Launch Shuttlecraft  by  Linda Spencer (p26)
  • A Strange Kind of Loneliness  by  Vicki Richards (p27)
  • Recollections  by  Ann Preece (p41)
  • Troubled Times  by  Janice Pitkethley (poem) (p45)
  • Motherly Love  by  Janice Pitkethley (poem) (p47)
  • Babel - Between the Lines  by  S. Meek (p48)
  • His Return  by  Karen Hayden (poem) (p51)
Art by Ann Humphrey (Cover) and Martin Delaney.
Published in June 1983 - 51 pages.


Enterprise Log Entries 56

  • The Paramount Issue  by  Barbara Wright (poem) (p2)
  • Outpost Zero  by  Valerie DeVries (p3)
  • The Vulcan Palace  by  Barbara Wright (poem) (p44)
  • Side  by  Side  by  Maria Rebicsek (p45)
  • Poem  by  Lorraine Goodison (poem) (p49)
Art by Sandy Sapatka (Cover), Virginia Lee Smith.
Published in August 1983 - 49 pages.


Enterprise Log Entries 57

  • All in a Day's Work  by  Liz Butler (p3)
  • Little Boy Lost  by  Janice Pitkethley (p19)
  • Vulcan Diplomacy  by  Janice Pitkethley (p23)
  • The Gambler  by  Katy Deery (poem) (p27)
  • The Hunt  by  Beth Rayne (poem) (p28)
  • Darkness and Light  by  Karen Hayden (poem) (p35)
  • The Three Wishes  by  Linda C. Wood (p36)
  • Proposal  by  Gladys Oliver (poem) (p42)
  • Friendship Has a Logical Reason  by  Vicki Richards (p43)
  • Virgin Memories  by  Karen Hayden (p51)
Art by Sandy Sapatka (Cover), Martin Delaney, Ann Humphrey.
Published in September 1983 - 51 pages.


Enterprise Log Entries 58

  • My Cup Runneth Over  by  Alinda Alain (p3)
  • Dejà Vu  by  Linda Spencer (p10)
  • My Friend  by  Bettina Rackel (poem) (p21)
  • Regemme  by  Linda C Wood (p22)
  • Honesty is the Best Policy?  by  Barbara Wright (poem) (p26)
  • The Daleton Debate  by  Joyce Devlin (p27)
  • Bright Vision  by  Vicki Richards (poem) (p30)
  • This Thing Called Friendship  by  Vicki Richards (p31)
  • Phoenix  by  Lorraine Goodison (poem) (p41)
  • Never Tell a Lie  by  Janice Pitkethley (p43)
  • First Day at School  by  Janice Pitkethley (p46)
  • That Elusive Emotion  by  Karen Hayden (poem) (p50)
  • Dragon/Sirius/Dreams  by  Lorraine Goodison (poem) (p51)
Art by Sandy Sapatka (Cover), Ann Humphrey, Adrienne Brown.
Published in October 1983 - 51 pages.


Enterprise Log Entries 59

  • The Solipsist Machine  by  Lynette Muir (p3)
  • The Greatest Gift of All  by  Ann Preece (p22)
  • One of a Kind  by  Karen Hayden (poem) (p26)
  • Once a Year  by  Vicki Richards (p27)
  • One Word  by  Janette Burton (p34)
  • To Help a Friend  by  Karen Hayden (poem) (p36)
  • Is There Cause to Doubt?  by  Janice Pitkethley (p37)
  • The Kahs-wan  by  Janice Pitkethley (p39)
  • Mind Meld  by  Sheena Ann Brown (poem) (p47)
  • No Choice  by  Alinda Alain (p58)
  • Rhymes  by  Barbara Wright (poem) (p52)
  • To Sarek  by  Bettina Rackel (poem) (p53)
Art by Sandy Sapatka (Cover), Adrienne Brown, Martin Delaney, Ann Humphrey.
Published in December 1983 - 53 pages.


Enterprise Log Entries 60

  • Whatever the Price  by  Gillian Catchpole (poem) (p2)
  • The Restaurant at the Top of the Universe  by  Roo (p3)
  • Letters to Joanna  by  S. Meek (p7)
  • In the Future  by  Karen Hayden (poem) (p14)
  • The Wizard of Zo  by  Linda C Wood (p15)
  • Miramanee  by  Sheryl Peterson (poem) (p22)
  • Souls in Tune  by  Karen Hayden (p23)
  • Threnody  by  Sheryl Peterson (poem) (p26)
  • Stowaway  by  Janice Pitkethley (p27)
  • Amok Time Remembered  by  Joyce Devlin (poem) (p30)
  • No Visible Records  by  Liz Butler (p31)
  • The Legends  by  Linda C Wood (poem) (p50)
  • Is There Any Logic In Denying What Is?  by  Alinda Alain (poem) (p51)
Art by Ann Humphrey (Cover), Roo.
Published in February 1984 - 51 pages.


Enterprise Log Entries 61

  • The Bonding  by  Janice Pitkethley (p3)
  • Silent Hero  by  Janice Pitkethley (p4)
  • 1984 Calendar  by  Janet, Emma & Neil Stewart (poem) (p8)
  • Conflicting Views  by  Charlotte Davis (p9)
  • With You  by  My Side  by  Linda C Wood (poem) (p17)
  • All Our Tomorrow  by  Vicki Richards (p18)
  • Justice Should Be Seen  by  Kay Stagg (p31)
Art by Ann Humphrey (Cover), Charlotte Davis.
Published in April 1984 - 49 pages.


Enterprise Log Entries 62

  • Once Upon A Time There Was A Little Ship…  by  Manuela Reitano (p3)
  • In Search of a Sun  by  Karen Hayden (poem) (p8)
  • Family Heirloom  by  Linda Spencer (p9)
  • Contrasting Cousins  by  Janice Pitkethley (p21)
  • Journey to Understanding  by  Karen Hayden (poem) 32
  • Change of Outlook  by  Vicki Richards (p33)
  • A Wand'ring Trekker  by  Linda Wood (poem) 52
Art by Ann Humphrey (incl. cover), Pendragon. Adrienne Brown.
Published in May 1984 - 52 pages.


Enterprise Log Entries 63

  • Troius Four  by  Rod Summers (p3)
  • Warrior  by  Gladys Oliver (p12)
  • Space Seed - Postscript  by  Margaret Rainey (p13)
  • Curiosity (pAlmost) Killed the Cat  by  Janice Pitkethley (p15)
  • Pass the Buck  by  Linda Wood (poem) (p24)
  • A New Toy  by  Sheila Clark (p25)
  • Rare Gift  by  Vicki Richards (p36)
  • The Starship Enterprise  by  Linda Wood (poem) (p51)
  • The Friends Within  by  Karen Hayden (poem) (p52)
Art by Martin Delaney (Cover), Adrienne Brown.
Published in August 1984 - 52 pages.


Enterprise Log Entries 64

  • The Which of Hendau  by  David Gomm (p3)
  • Return to Yesterday  by  Janice Pitkethley (p15)
  • My T'hy'la, My Friend  by  Joyce Devlin (poem) (p17)
  • U.F.O.  by  Janice Pitkethley (p18)
  • Travellers  by  Gladys Oliver (poem) (p20)
  • One Alone  by  Sheryl Peterson (p21)
  • The Spirit of Camelot  by  Linda Wood (poem) (p22)
  • A Moment of Time  by  Sheryl Peterson (p23)
  • A Chapter of Accidents (or Someone Up There Doesn't Like me)  by  Liz Butler (p24)
Art by Martin Delaney (Cover), Pendragon.
Published in August 1984 - 50 pages.


Enterprise Log Entries 65

  • Northern Lights  by  Janice Pitkethley (p3)
  • Return to Today  by  Karen Hayden (poem) (p10)
  • Daughter From the Past  by  Doris Schulze (p11)
  • We Belong to Tomorrow  by  Linda Wood (poem) (p38)
  • Change of Outlook  by  Vicki Richards (p39)
  • I Am the Captain of the Enterprise  by  Linda Wood (poem) (p46)
  • Beautiful Dreamer  by  Karen Hayden (p47)
  • This Special Place  by  Karen Hayden (poem) (p50)
  • The Silent Time  by  Linda Wood (p52)
  • Gladiator, Love No Gladiator  by  Sheryl Peterson (p64)
  • Afterwards  by  Brenda Kelsey (poem) (p68)
  • The Lecture  by  L Hester, C Hume, G Phillips (p70)
  • Mobius Time  by  David Gomm (p74)
  • Dream of IDIC  by  Karen Hayden (poem) (p96)
  • Ice Castles  by  Sheryl Peterson (p97)
  • Spock  by  Sheryl Peterson (poem) (p99)
  • The Shielded Heart by Sheryl Peterson (poem) (p100)
Art by Sandy Sapatka (Cover), Ann Neilson, Berlinde Junggunst, Sandra Finch, Ann Humphrey.
Published in October 1984 - 100 pages.


Enterprise Log Entries 66

  • In the Year of the Dragon  by  Janice Pitkethley (p3)
  • Zarabeth  by  Sheryl Peterson (poem) (p11)
  • The Trouble With Torture  by  Christine Maybank (p14)
  • Waiting  by  M Frost (poem) (p17)
  • Divertisimo  by  Janet Stewart (p18)
  • It Shouldn't Hapen to a Doctor  by  Joyce Devlin (p33)
  • Destiny  by  Linda Spencer (p35)
  • Spock  by  M Frost (poem) (p43)
  • Reflections in an Alien Eye  by  Sheryl Peterson (p44)
  • Recall'd to Life  by  Linda Spencer (poem) (p48)
  • Four Paws  by  Lyn Viviers (p49)
  • Story of a Sad Teddy Bear  by  Janice Pitkethley (poem) (p57)
  • The Serpents of Paxo Beta  by  David Gomm (p58)
  • The Vulcan Mask  by  Sheryl Peterson (poem) (p77)
  • The Secret Belly Dancers of the Enterprise  by  Helen Davison (p78)
  • That Which Survives  by  Linda Spencer (poem) (p84)
  • To Do What is Right  by  Vicki Richards (p85)
  • In The Midst of Our Crisis  by  Karen Hayden (poem) (p100)
Art by Ann Humphrey (Cover), Ann Neilson, Marilena Maiocco in Alabido.
Published in February 1985 - 100 pages.


Enterprise Log Entries 67

  • Rags of Time  by  Dolores Gordon-Smith (p3)
  • The Irish Vampire David Gomm (p51)
  • Mr. Scott's Troubles  by  Lynn Hester (poem) (p70)
  • The Sun Within The Storm  by  Karen Hayden (p71)
  • Tribble Quibbles  by  Linda Spencer (poem) (p88)
  • Time Trilogy  by  Janice Pitkethley (p89)
  • Routine Reports  by  Sheila Clark (p96)
  • A Father's Pride  by  Sheryl Peterson (poem) (p99)
Art by Ann Humphrey (incl. cover)
Published May 1985 - 99 pages.


Enterprise Log Entries 68

  • For Once I Read Or Heard It Sung  by  Brenda Kelsey (p2)
  • Against the Odds  by  Vicki Richards (p4)
  • Dejà Vu  by  Sheryl Peterson (poem) (p9)
  • Nightmare  by  Linda Spencer (p10)
  • Vacation  by  Janice Pitkethley (p15)
  • If Ever I Would Leave You…  by  Linda Wood (poem) (p23)
  • The Caverns of Wisdom  by  Janice Pitkethley (p24)
  • Song of the Starman  by  Linda Wood (poem) (p29)
  • The Breath of Life  by  Val Kyrie (p30)
  • The Awakening  by  Elaine Sheard (p42)
  • Final Frontier  by  Sheryl Peterson (poem) (p53)
  • Visions of Another Yesterday  by  Vicki Richards (p54)
  • Understanding  by  Sheila Clark (poem) (p67)
  • The Trip  by  Sharon O'Doherty (p68)
  • The Gnaar  by  Christine Hall (p76)
Art by Ann Humphrey (incl. cover), Jean Barron.
Published July 1985 - 101 pages.


Enterprise Log Entries 69

  • The Making of a Starship  by  Sheena Ann Brown and Joyce Devlin (poem) (p2)
  • The Tangled Web  by  Elaine Sheard (p3)
  • Spock - Human to Vulcan  by  Sheryl Peterson (poem) (p37)
  • Mistresses  by  Julie Turner (p39)
  • Welcome Home  by  Ginna La Croix (p40)
  • Together  by  Karen Hayden and Elizabeth Rackel (poem) (p53)
  • Leaving Home  by  Janice Pitkethley (p54)
  • Fear In My Heart by Karen Hayden (poem) (p56)
  • Academy Days  by  Janice Pitkethley (p57)
  • Miramanee  by  Joyce Devlin (poem) (p63)
  • A Little Less Me, A Little More You  by  Alinda Alain (p64)
  • Enterprise Rhymes  by  Meg Wright (poem) (p74)
  • Final Analysis  by  Sheila Clark (p75)
  • MindLink  by  Sheryl Peterson (poem) (p88)
  • Hangover  by  Joyce Devlin (p89)
  • Jim, Why?  by  Joyce Devlin (poem) (p93)
  • The World of the Promise  by  Vickie Richards (p94)
  • Loss  by  Sheryl Peterson (poem) (p100)
  • Alien  by  Sheryl Peterson (poem) (p100)
Art by Ann Humphrey (incl. cover), Maggie Symon.
Published in October 1985 - 100 pages.


Enterprise Log Entries 70

  • The Captain's Bolt  by  Linda Bryant (p3)
  • Dreams of Spock  by  Susan P Keighley (poem) (p16)
  • The Kidnaping of the Enterprise Belly Dancers  by  Helen Davison (p18)
  • The Rainbow Dance  by  Elaine Sheard (p31)
  • Home  by  Maureen Frost (poem) (p41)
  • A Beach To Walk On  by  CarolMel Ambassador (poem) (p42)
  • Genesis Revisited  by  Janice Pitkethley (p43)
  • Bigotry  by  Sheila Clark (poem) (p45)
  • The Wond'ring-Eyed  by  Linda Spencer (poem) (p46)
  • A Little Vulcan T.L.C.  by  Wendy A Montgomery (p47)
  • Truth Is The Way  by  Elizabeth Rackel and Karen Hayden (p59)
  • Buffalo's Legacy  by  Vicki Richards (p65)
  • Normal Procedures  by  CarolMel Ambassador (poem) (p72)
  • Close Encounters of the Law-breaking Kind  by  Synda Surgenor (p73)
  • Iotia - Too Much of the Action!  by  Linda Spencer (poem) (p77)
  • The Hand of Friendship  by  Brenda Kelsey (p78)
Art by Marilena Maiocco (Cover), Ann Humphrey, Maggie Symon.
Published in April 1986 - 101 pages.


Enterprise Log Entries 71

  • A Cure for all Ills  by  Lorri Goodison (p3)
  • The Quest  by  Sheryl Peterson (poem) (p8)
  • In The Days of Mars  by  Janice Pitkethley (p9)
  • Cry From An Alien Heart by Sheryl Peterson (poem) (p15)
  • Memories  by  Antje Technau (p16)
  • The Sore Lesson  by  Joyce Devlin (p23)
  • The Talisman  by  Sheryl Peterson (poem) (p38)
  • Enterprise Too  by  Jan Davis (p39)
  • Debate of a Cause  by  CarolMel Ambassador (poem) (p48)
  • Mistaken Identity  by  Janice Pitkethley (p49)
  • The Dream and the Reality  by  Karen Hayden (p57)
  • The Wings of Space  by  Sheryl Peterson (poem) (p69)
  • One Chance in a Lifetime  by  Brenday Kelsey (p70)
  • Stranger in a Strange Land  by  Elaine Sheard (p76)
  • The Logical Thing  by  CarolMel Ambassador (poem) (p100)
Art by Marilena Maiocco (Cover), Ann Humphrey.
Published in August 1986 - 100 pages.


Enterprise Log Entries 72

  • Divisions  by  Julie Thomson (poem) (p3)
  • Word Play  by  Elaine Sheard (p4)
  • Sharing  by  Ginna LaCroix (poem) (p22)
  • Obada Challenge  by  Jan Davis (p23)
  • Home  by  Elizabeth Rackel (poem) (p30)
  • It Shouldn't Hapen to a Doctor  by  Joyce Devlin (p31)
  • Of Loyalties and Empires  by  Alinda Alain (p36)
  • Barriers  by  Linda Bryant (p46)
  • Just Sentence  by  CarolMel Ambassador (poem) (p65)
  • In The Still of the Night  by  Brenda Kelsey (p66)
Art by Marilena Maiocco (Cover), Maggie Symon.
Published in September 1986 - 100 pages.


Enterprise Log Entries 73

  • The Human Condition  by  Vickie Richards (p3)
  • Deadly Reverie  by  S. Meek (poem) (p20)
  • The Truth, Like Dreams  by  Brenda Kelsey (p21)
  • Future Dreams  by  Maureen Frost (poem) (p26)
  • Together  by  Maureen Frost (poem) (p26)
  • Losing  by  Fiona Culpeck (poem) (p27)
  • Too Late  by  Gladys Oliver (poem) (p27)
  • I-Chaya's Adventure  by  Janice Pitkethley (p28)
  • Vulcan Dawn  by  Monica Burnett (poem) (p31)
  • Pain  by  Fiona Culpeck (poem) (p31)
  • A Time for Friendship  by  Christine Maybank (p32)
  • Help Wanted  by  M E B (poem) (p42)
  • The Three of Us  by  Doris Schulze (poem) (p43)
  • Exodus  by  Linda Bryant (p44)
  • Once You Become a Star Trekker  by  Linda C Wood (poem) (p62)
  • Deadly Price  by  Karen Hayden & Elizabeth (poem) (p63)
  • Understanding  by  Gillian Hovell (p64)
  • The Gift  by  Elizabeth (poem) (p71)
  • The Hamstrib Affair  by  Joyce Devlin (p72)
  • Alien Dreamer  by  Linda C Wood (poem) (p76)
  • When Fates Collide  by  Alinda Alain (p77)
  • Song of the Starman  by  Linda C Wood (poem) (p100)
  • Shadows  by  Sheryl Peterson (poem) (p100)
Art by Marilena Maiocco (Cover), Maggie Symon.
Published in February 1987 - 100 pages.


Enterprise Log Entries 74

  • Your Young Men Shall See Visions  by  Gillian Hovell (p3)
  • In Friendship's Name  by  Brenda Kelsey (p30)
  • Home  by  Vicki Richards (p47)
  • Expeditionary Force  by  Pac Deacon (p52)
  • A Dream of the Future  by  Pac Deacon (poem) (p66)
  • A Vulcan Act of Courage  by  Linda Bryant (p67)
  • Her Dream, My Reality  by  Karen Hayden & Elizabeth (poem) (p72)
  • Self Search  by  Gail Williams (p73)
Art by Marilena Maiocco (Cover), Ann Humphrey, Barbara Gordon.
Published in August 1987 - 101 pages.


Enterprise Log Entries 75

  • The Worthies  by  Lynette Muir (poem) (p3)
  • In the Spirit of Mahan  by  Sharon Hyler & Alinda Alain (p4)
  • My Lady Enterprise  by  Christine Maybank (poem) (p20)
  • Star Base 8 Rodeo  by  Jan Davis (p21)
  • Colours  by  Maureen Frost (poem) (p24)
  • Thank You, Spock  by  Maureen Frost (poem) (p24)
  • But  by  Maureen Frost (poem) (p25)
  • Mind Meld  by  Maureen Frost (poem) (p25)
  • Me and My Big Feet  by  Joyce Devlin (p27)
  • Friends are a Gift  by  Jenifer Barnett (p30)
  • Caesar of the Stars  by  Christine Maybank (poem) (p41)
  • The Name of the Game  by  Elaine Sheard (p42)
  • Vulcan Garden  by  Maureen Frost (poem) (p53)
  • Waking Alone  by  Gillian Hovell (poem) (p54)
  • What Goes Up Must Come Down  by  Julie Thomson (p55)
  • Recognition  by  Gillian Hovell (poem) (p63)
  • The Man's Return to his Beloved  by  Gillian Hovell (poem) (p64)
  • Lenore's Lament  by  Christine Maybank (poem) (p66)
  • First Impressions  by  Brenda Kelsey (p67)
  • When  by  Elizabeth (poem) (p70)
  • In Quiet Moments  by  Sharon Hyler (p72)
  • Paradise Is Here  by  Maureen Frost (poem) (p73)
  • The Deadly Design  by  Synda Surgenor (p74)
Art by Marilena Maiocco (Cover), Barbara Gordon, Marilena Maiocco, Anja Gruber.
Published in November 1987 - 97 pages.


Enterprise Log Entries 76

  • HMS Enterprise  by  David Gomm (p3)
  • Give Me  by  Susan Keighley (poem) (p30)
  • Contact  by  Ann Lloyd (p32)
  • Linked  by  Maureen Frost (poem) (p35)
  • Chess Tournement  by  Rosa Cacciopo (p36)
  • Shared Nightmare  by  Maureen Frost (poem) (p49)
  • What Might Have Been!  by  Brenda Kelsey (p50)
  • Illogical Hope  by  Maureen Frost (poem) (p58)
  • In The Doghouse  by  Joyce Devlin (p59)
  • Friend In Need  by  Maureen Frost (poem) (p62)
  • Whither Thou Goest…  by  Synda Surgenor (p63)
  • The Vulcan Inheritance  by  Gail Williams (p68)
  • Pathways - A Call to Spock  by  Susan Keighley (poem) (p98)
  • Spock - Onward Bound  by  Susan Keighley (poem) (p98)
  • Legend  by  Susan Keighley (poem) (p98)
Art by Marilena Maiocco (Cover), Marilena Maiocco, Anja Gruber, Ann Humphrey.
Published in February 1988 - 98 pages.


Enterprise Log Entries 77

  • A Matter of Trust  by  Charlotte Davis (p3)
  • Jasmine's Pet  by  Helen Davison (p18)
  • Mind Meld  by  J Devlin (poem) (p29)
  • My Place  by  Maureen Frost (poem) (p29)
  • Intruder Alert  by  Joyce Devlin (p30)
  • Sentenced To… Christmas Dinner  by  Rosa Cacciopo (p70)
  • Lost  by  Elaine Sheard (p86)
Art by Marilena Maiocco (Cover), C Myers.
Published in February 1988 - 98 pages.


Enterprise Log Entries 78

  • Moment of Transformation  by  Caroline Nixon (p3)
  • Two Birds  by  Sheryl Peterson (poem) (p6)
  • Time to Think  by  Brenda Kelsey (p7)
  • Skrat Bite  by  Pac Deacon (p8)
  • Parallel Lines  by  Maureen Frost (poem) (p19)
  • A Taste of Hunny  by  Brenda Kelsey (poem) (p20)
  • Homeless  by  Sheryl Peterson (poem) (p23)
  • The Anasazi  by  Sandy Catchick (p24)
  • To a Very Human Vulcan  by  Sheryl Peterson (p36)
  • Home from the Stars  by  Christine Maybank (p38)
  • Exile  by  Sheryl Peterson (poem) (p41)
  • Better to Have Loved...  by  Teresa Abbott (p42)
  • Relaxation  by  Sheila Clark (poem) (p57)
  • R & R  by  Pac Deacon (poem) (p58)
  • Duality  by  Pac Deacon (poem) (p59)
  • A Friend in Need  by  Synda Surgenor (p60)
  • The Rescue  by  Joyce Devlin (p64)
  • Home Thoughts from Space  by  Brenda Kelsey (p70)
  • Sticks and Stones  by  Brenda Kelsey (poem) (p71)
  • Contact  by  Krysia Baczala (p72)
  • Brief Encounter  by  Linda Bryant (p83)
  • The Reluctant Fan  by  Pac Deacon (poem) (p94)
  • Amanda to Sarek  by  Pac Deacon (poem) (p95)
  • A Glimpse of the Future  by  Karen Sparks (p96)
  • Two Fools  by  Sheryl Peterson (poem) (p99)
  • Not the Right Word  by  Pac Deacon (poem) (p100)
  • Happiness is...  by  Pac Deacon (poem) (p100)
Art by Marilena Maiocco (Cover), Ann Humphrey, Julie Thomson.
Published in August 1988 - 100 pages.


Enterprise Log Entries 79

  • Dilemma  by  Teresa Abbott (p3)
  • Paradise Taken  by  Elaine Leeke (poem) (p25)
  • The First Time  by  Brenda Kelsey (poem) (p26)
  • Three Into Two  by  Sheryl Peterson (poem) (p27)
  • The Herbs of Ara'Coga  by  Jan Davis (p28)
  • Vulcan First Officer  by  Pac Deacon (poem) (p50)
  • The Attraction  by  Pac Deacon (poem) (p51)
  • Shadow  by  Joyce Devlin (p52)
  • Command  by  Sandy Catchick (p60)
  • Warp and Weft  by  Sheryl Peterson (poem) (p95)
  • Who Can Stand Against These Two?  by  Pac Deacon (poem) (p96)
Art by Marilena Maiocco (Cover), Martin Delaney.
Published in February 1989 - 96 pages.


Enterprise Log Entries 80

  • To Sleep, Perchance to Dream  by  Brenda Kelsey (p3)
  • Pirate Queen  by  Karina Lumbert (p27)
  • Love--Hate  by  Sandy Catchick (p32)
  • Times Like These  by  Marica Pecor (p58)
  • In Search of Homo Vulcanis  by  Nicole Comtet (p60)
  • Denial  by  Sheryl Peterson (poem) (p99)
  • Phantom  by  Sheryl Peterson (poem) (p99)
  • A Little Night Musin'  by  Lynette Muir (poem) (p100)
Art by Marilena Maiocco (Cover), Ann Humphrey, S. Green.
Published in August 1989 - 100 pages.


Enterprise Log Entries 81

  • The Seven Ages of a Fan  by  Lyn Muir (p2) (Con skit? from Rec-Con)
  • Better-Sweet Revenge  by  Sandy Catchick (p3)
  • Doubt  by  Krysia Baczala (p29)
  • Friendship  by  Maggie Symon (poem) (p54)
  • Shore Leave  by  Nancy Johnson (p55)
  • Beauty is in the Soul  by  Pat Deacon (poem) (p100)
Art by Marilena Maiocco (Cover)
Published in November 1989 - 100 pages.


Enterprise Log Entries 82

  • One Way to Hell  by  Rosa Cacciopo (p3)
  • Vulcan  by  Pac Deacon (poem) (p53)
  • The Duckling  by  Joyce Devlin (p54)
  • Relationship  by  Pac Deacon (poem) (p70)
  • A Friend Fron The Past  by  Ann James (p71)
  • If  by  Sheryl Peterson (poem) (p97)
  • Prelude to An Enterprise Incident  by  Teresa Abbott (p98)
  • Impasse - Kirk  by  Sheryl Peterson (poem) (p100)
Art by Corinne Meyer (Cover), Anja Gruber.
Published in February 1990 - 100 pages.


Enterprise Log Entries 83

  • Mistakes Sometimes Happen  by  Rosemarie Heaton (p3)
  • Revenge for Babel  by  Jean Sloan (p13)
  • Contentment  by  Sheryl Peterson (poem) (p24)
  • It Had to Happen To Me This Time - Didn't It?  by  Joyce Devlin (p25)
  • A Nice Try  by  Maria Swann (p31)
  • Starafel  by  Alinda Alain (p35)
  • Lost In Orbit  by  Sheryl Peterson (poem) (p51)
  • Interlude  by  Krysia Baczala (p52)
  • Never Again  by  Sheryl Peterson (poem) (p58)
  • Serendipity  by  Denise Watkins (p59)
  • Sandy  by  Sheryl Peterson (poem) (p62)
  • If Tomorrow Would Be Really Yesterday  by  Manuela Reitano (poem) (p63)
  • Achilles Heel  by  Teresa Abbott (p71)
  • Problem  by  Pac Deacon (poem) (p82)
  • When Friendship Waits  by  Macia Pecor (p83)
Art by Corinne Meyer (Cover), Christa Richert, Vicki Brinkmeier
Published in July 1990 - 104 pages.


Enterprise Log Entries 84

  • The Interview  by  Sandy Catchick (p3)
  • Foundation  by  Teresa Abbott (p6)
  • Snakes! Ugh!  by  Joyce Devlin (p42)
  • Pause  by  Susan Keighley (poem) (p47)
  • The Fly In The Ointment  by  A. C. James (p48)
  • A Vulcan's Prayer  by  Maggie Symon (poem) (p50)
  • Taken For Granted  by  Susan Keighley (p51)
  • Jim! Jim!  by  Susan Keighley (poem) (p52)
  • Psychotherapy… Of A Kind  by  Nicole Comtet (p53)
  • Uhura's Wish  by  Susan Keighley (poem) (p91)
  • Point Well Taken  by  Karina Lumbert (p92)
Art by Corinne Meyer (Cover), Christa Richert, Nicole Comtet.
Published in September 1990 - 99 pages.


Enterprise Log Entries 85

  • All In A Day's Work  by  Jean Sloan (p3)
  • Tribute to Spock  by  Susan P. Keighley (poem) (p27)
  • Kirk  by  Helen Connor (poem) (p27)
  • The Letter  by  Joyce Devlin (p28)
  • For Vulcan  by  Teresa Abbott (p32)
  • Trying  by  Susan P. Keighley (poem) (p55)
  • A Gift From Lock  by  Sandy Catchick (p56)
  • For The Want of A Nail  by  Krysia Baczala (p66)
Father to Son  by  Helen Connor (p101) Art by Martin Street (pfront cover), Ann Humphrey, Sandy Catchick.
Published in March 1991 - 101 pages.


Enterprise Log Entries 86

  • I've Always Known  by  Brenda Kelsey (p3)
  • The Twelve Days of Christmas  by  Christine Jones (p4)
  • A White Christmas  by  Sandy Catchick (p5)
  • Christmas Far From Home  by  Christine Jones (poem) (p29)
  • The Hogmanay Tease  by  Joyce Devlin (p30)
  • Santa's Visit  by  Christine Jones (poem) (p32)
  • Accident  by  Jean Sloan (p33)
  • She  by  Joyce Devlin (poem) (p39)
  • To Pay the Price  by  Elaine Sheard (p40)
  • Silver Bird  by  Maggie Symon (poem) (p51)
  • Before the Beginning  by  Rosemarie Heaton (p52)
  • Sarek's Son  by  Gloria Fry (p82)
  • A Klingon Curse  by  Helen Connor (poem) (p100)
  • Art by Sandy Sapatka (Cover), Christa Richter , Ann Humphrey.
Published in December 1991 and is 100 pages long.


Enterprise Log Entries 87

  • Amok Time Plus One  by  Jean Sloan (p3)
  • For Miri  by  Teresa Abbott (poem) (p14)
  • I Didna' Come Up The Clyde In A Banana Boat  by  Joyce Devlin (p15)
  • The Secret Life of Plants!  by  Lesley C E Thompson (p20)
  • The Probe  by  Helen Connor (poem) (p26)
  • The Guardian  by  Sheryl Peterson (p27)
  • Idle Thoughts  by  Teresa Abbott (poem) (p29)
  • Captain's Pets  by  Fiona Crawford (p30)
  • Kirok  by  Helen Connor (poem) (p54)
  • The Absent Friend  by  Maggy Edwards (p55)
Art by Paul Privitera (Cover)
Published in April 1992 - 100 pages.


Enterprise Log Entries 88

  • One That Got Away  by  Krysia Baczala (p3)
  • Tribble In Store  by  Mrs Pippin (poem) (p18)
  • The Ultimate Computer the Final Chapter  by  Ann Neilson (p19)
  • Inscription on a Monument  by  Teresa Abbott (poem) (p21)
  • The Way Back  by  Matthew Conway (p22)
  • Am I or Not  by  Katrina Heintz (p30)
  • Friends In Need  by  Sandy Catchick (p40)
  • Eradani Born  by  Gillian Catchpole (poem) (p59)
  • Arena of Combat  by  Gloria Fry (p60)
  • Fear  by  Susan Keighley (poem) (p63)
  • Guilt  by  Susan Keighley (poem) (p63)
  • Fever  by  Maggy Symon (p64)
  • Remember When the Stars Shone Brighter  by  Patricia De Voss (p69)
  • My Friend by Helen Cakebread (p75)
  • Divisions  by  Teresa Abbott (p79)
Art by Lynn Henricks (Cover), Ann Neilson, Ann Humphrey, Martin Street.
Published in November 1992 - 99 pages.


Enterprise Log Entries 89

  • Yesterday's Africa  by  Sherry Golding (p3)
  • To Us, Or To You  by  Fiona Campbell (poem) (p15)
  • Not Alone; Always Close  by  Helen Cakebread (p16)
  • Gem  by  Helen Connor (p18)
  • Vulcans Never Lie  by  Jean Sloan (poem) (p19)
  • Amanda  by  Christine J. Jones (poem) (p21)
  • Legless  by  Sandy Catchick (p22)
  • Time  by  Helen Connor (poem) (p34)
  • Once Upon a Voyage  by  Gillian Catchpole (poem) (p35)
  • Alea Jacta Est  by  Jeremy C Broadribb (p36)
Art by Lynn Henricks (Cover), Martin Street.
Published in March 1993 - 100 pages.


Enterprise Log Entries 90

  • Maximum Prejudice  by  Maggy (p3)
  • To Question the Stars  by  Christine Jones (poem) (p64)
  • Dawnwind  by  Linda Wood (poem) (p65)
  • Just What the Doctor Ordered  by  David Gallagher (p66)
  • What Must Be Done  by  Gillian Catchpole (poem) (p67)
  • What a Nerve!  by  Gloria Fry (p68)
  • Tribbles  by  Jenny Turner (poem) (p75)
  • Rescue Plan  by  Mrs Pippin (poem) (p76)
  • Eye Eye, Sir  by  David Gallagher (p81)
  • Uhura  by  Christine Jones (poem) (p82)
  • Goodbyes  by  Katrina Heintz (p83)
  • Memories  by  Sandy Catchick (p85)
Art by Susanne Richardson (incl cover)
Published in August 1993 - 100 pages.


Enterprise Log Entries 91

  • The Balance  by  Karen Sparks) (p3)
  • The Last Chance  by  Simonetta Mostarda (p18)
  • Spock  by  Maureen Frost (poem) (p28)
  • Perceptions  by  Jean Sloan (p29)
  • A Ship's Engineer  by  Gillian Fry (poem) (p47)
  • Monsters  by  David Cameron (p48)
  • 40 Eradani  by  M. Sadler (poem) (p57)
  • Space Fall  by  Matthew Conway (p58)
  • Scotty's Lament  by  Christine Jones (poem) (p67)
  • The Mitrea Incident  by  Rita Drake (p68)
  • Silver Dreams  by  Gaile Wood (poem) (p76)
  • The Torture Chamber  by  Sandy Catchick (p77)
  • I Feel  by  Joyce Devlin (poem) (p80)
  • The Shining Light  by  Helen Cakebread (p81)
  • T'hy'la  by  Christine Jones (poem) (p84)
  • Siren Song  by  Jean Sloan (p85)
  • Newsflash  by  Helen Connor (poem) (p100)
Art by Lynn Henricks (Cover), C. Richert.
Published in March 1994 - 100 pages.


Enterprise Log Entries 92

  • Lost and Found  by  Alex Blakeney (p3)
  • My Son No More  by  Maureen Frost (poem) (p38)
  • Third Wheel  by  Lee Sansome (poem) (p39)
  • Ailis  by  Pen Cramphorn (p41)
  • Goodnight, SweetheArt by Sue Jones (poem) (p53)
  • Scott's Law  by  Alan Boag (p54)
  • Limericks  by  Alan Boag (poem) (p55)
  • Epilogue  by  Mrs Pippin (poem) (p56)
  • There Will Be Dancing...  by  Sheila Clark (p57)
  • Debate of Peace  by  Rachel Lindfield (poem) (p68)
  • Cloros Crisis  by  Fiona Fletcher (p69)
  • A Mother's Thoughts  by  Bettina Rackel (poem) (p100)
Art by Lynn Herricks (Cover), C. Richert
Published in February 1995 - 100 pages.


Enterprise Log Entries 93

  • Forgotten Symphony  by  Rosemarie Heaton (p3)
  • Moss Beneath a Stone  by  Alan Boag (poem) (p28)
  • Holy Orders  by  David Gallagher (p29)
  • The Time of the Rains  by  Linda A. Carter (p30)
  • Mercy's Errand  by  M. Sadler (poem) (p56)
  • Axanar  by  Alex Blakeney (p57)
  • Message from Kollos  by  Helen Connor (poem) (p64)
  • An Alien Wind  by  Alan Boag (p65)
  • Thoughts in Silence Kept  by  Helen Connor (poem) (p75)
  • Mirror Mirror Revisited  by  Helen Connor (p76)
  • To Fly Away  by  Pen Cramphorn (p77)
  • Space Traveller  by  M. Sadler (p86)
  • Mind Games  by  Jean Sloan (p87)
  • A Star Trekker's Wish  by  Christine Jones (poem) (p98)
  • We Three Trekkers  by  Christine Jones (poem) (p99)
  • Observing Distant Planets  by  Linda A. Carter (poem) (p100)
Art by Zaquia Tarhuntassa (Cover), K. Breen.
Published in April 1995 - 100 pages.


Enterprise Log Entries 94

  • A Friend in Need  by  Alex Blakeney (p3)
  • Portal  by  Gratienne Vandekerkhove (poem) (p11)
  • Dream On, Mary Sue  by  Mrs Pippin (p12)
  • Time of the Rains  by  Alan Boag (p14)
  • O Little Ship Called Enterprise  by  Christine J. Jones (poem) (p19)
  • Christmas and Logic Don't Mix  by  Tracy Beadle & Nina Lynch (p20)
  • Mutara Nebula  by  Claire Roberts (poem) (p21)
  • Inside Amok  by  Jean Searle (p22)
  • Discoveries  by  Nicole Comtet (p24)
  • Future Stars  by  M. Sadler (poem) (p35)
  • Spectral Messages  by  David Cameron (p36)
  • Loneliness  by  Mariangela Cerrino (poem) (p38)
  • Forbidden Choices  by  Ian Tallis (p39)
  • Warning  by  Gratienne Vandekerkhove (poem) (p43)
  • Survivors  by  Phillipa Timms (p44)
  • The Sweetness of Angels  by  Alan Boag (poem) (p60)
  • Behind Closed Doors  by  Fiona Fletcher (p61)
  • The Wonder of Star Trek  by  Christine J. Jones (poem) (p88)
  • Paradise Lost  by  Jean Sloan (p89)
  • Remember Me  by  Gratienne Vandekerkhove (poem) (p99)
  • Of Course We Knew  by  Alan Boag (poem) (p100)
Art by M. Delaney (Cover), KEB, Zaquia Tarhuntassa, Marilena Maiocco.
Published in March 1996 - 100 pages.