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Log Entries 1 - 43

These zines were published by the Star Trek Action Group while we ran it the club.

The zines are available to read as PDFs which have been produced by scanning the original zines. Click on the cover and the zine should open in a new tab in most browsers on computers, laptops and tablets. You might struggle to read them on small screens. Clicking on any coloured title will open a text copy of the story.

You may save a copy for your own personal use (right click on cover and 'save target as'). If you wish to make use of the PDFs in any other way, please contact us. Please do not further distribute the PDFs.

COPYRIGHT While we had permission from the writers and artists to publish their fanworks in our zines with reprint rights and hard copies of many (though not the earliest) of these zines do exist in the British Library, none of us in fandom in those early days envisioned online publication. Unfortunately we have lost touch with most of the writers and artists and some of them are no longer with us. We are hoping none of our contributors will object to us making the zines available through the Archive as part of our way of honouring and preserving early fandom. If you are a writer or an artist who does object, please contact us to discuss various options, such as removing your work. The story/art pages can be replaced with placeholder pages leaving only the title and the contributor’s name in the Table of Contents. contact us.


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Log Entries 1

  • The Word Merchant  by  Helen McCarthy (P1)
  • Fun and Games  by  Margaret Draper (P3)
  • Alone  by  Mira Rana & Sheila Clark (P5)
  • Vulcan's Lament for His Homeland  by  T'Peth (poem) (P7)
  • The Finest Ship In The Fleet  by  Jinx (P8)
  • A Vulcan Odyssey  by  Beth Hallam (P9)
  • Doubt  by  Ann Looker (P21)
  • Encounter  by  T'Peth (P30)
Art by Beth Hallam (cover)
Published in 1975 - 30 pages


Log Entries 2

  • Another Universe  by  Robin Hill (P1)
  • And The Greatest of These  by  Margaret Bertram (P2)
  • Difference is a Virtue  by  Jinx (P5)
  • The Swing  by  Sheila Cornall (P6)
  • Poems  by  DSR (P7)
  • Disturbance  by  C.E. Hall (P8)
  • Perchance to Dream  by  Sheila Clark (P15)
  • Poem  by  Margaret Bertram (poem)(P30)
  • Spock's Sonnet  by  Kathleen Glancy (poem)(P30)
Art by Beth Hallam (cover)
Published in February 1976 - 30 pages.


Log Entries 3

  • Nightmare  by  by Robin Hill (P1)
  • Terra Firma  by  Ann Wigmore (P4)
  • magazine cutting from "Diplomatic Interest" (P5)
  • Shape of Things to Come  by  Beth Hallam (P6)
  • Natural Resources are Useful  by  Alison Glover (P10)
  • Ara  by  Janet Quarton (P20)
Art by Beth Hallam (cover)
Published in April 1976 - 38 pages.


Log Entries 4

  • Competence  by  Sheila Clark (P1)
  • Poem  by  Sheila Cormall (poem)
  • (P13)
  • Insect Planet  by  Audrey Baker (P15)
  • Poem  by  Kathleen Glancy (poem) (P28)
  • The Vulcan Experience  by  Elizabeth Sharp (P30)
Art by Paul Dekeyne, Beth Hallam (cover), Alan Laing
Published in September 1976 - 39 pages.


Log Entries 5

  • Uhura's Downfall  by  Dorothy Bradley (P1)
  • Our objective  by  Chrissie Chrzan (poem) (P4)
  • Spock's Secret Quest  by  Chrissie Chrzan (poem) (P4)
  • Survival Of The Fittest  by  T.G.Z.C. (P5)
  • I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud  by  Beth Hallam (poem) (P10)
  • Enterprise Crusoe  by  Jinx (P11)
Art by Paul Dakeyne, Beth Hallam, Robin Hill and Helen McCarthy
Published in October 1976 - 33 pages


Log Entries 6

  • The Mind of a Man  by  Janet Ellicott (P1)
  • I'm a Doctor, Not a Meteorologist  by  Sue Bradley (P5)
  • Daydream  by  T.G.Z.C. (P9)
  • The Quality of the Man  by  Gillian Catchpole (poem) (P10)
  • Babel Scene  by  Janet Quarton (P11)
  • Attack!  by  Joyce Deeming (P13)
  • Poem  by  T.G.Z.C (poem) (P17)
  • Title Story  by  Sheila Cornall (P17)
  • Olondor  by  Kathy Sims (P18)
  • Beauty, Four Views  by  T.G.Z.C. (poem) (P21)
  • A Step in Time  by  Valerie Piacentini (P22)
  • Listen to the Wind  by  Beth Hallam (P27)
  • The Riddle  by  T.G.Z.C. (poem) (P28)
  • poem  by  Gillian Catchpole (poem) (P28)
  • Defence  by  Sheila Clark (P29)
Art by Beth Hellam (cover), Sheila Clark, Michael Cleaver, Paul Dakeyne, Robin Hill, Alan Laing, Helen McCarthy, Kathy Sim
Published in 1976 - 39 pages


Log Entries 7

  • The Kymarian Experience  by  Ensign Fox (P1)
  • Mistaken Identity?  by  Caroline Nixon (poem) (P13)
  • Round Table with Warp Drive  by  Caroline Nixon (poem) (P13)
  • The Infamous Mr Jones  by  Sheila Cornall (poem) (P14)
  • Poem  by  T.G.Z.C. (poem) (P14)
  • Nosedive  by  Valerie Harrison (P15)
  • The Security Guard's Lament  by  Alison Glover (poem) (P25)
  • Night of Fear  by  Sue Bradley (P26)
  • Now Is the Time  by  Gillian Catchpole (poem) (P30)
  • Poem  by  T.G.Z.C. (poem)
  • (P30)
  • Glesga Belangs Tae...?  by  Margaret Gaughan (P31)
  • Spock's Search  by  Joyce Deeming (poem) (P37)
  • Horror On Barda 92  by  Audrey Baker (P38)
  • Enterprise  by  Peter Grant (poem) (P46)
  • Emergency  by  T.G.Z.C. (P47)
  • Murder Twice Removed  by  Valerie Piacentini(P48)
Artwork by Beth Hallam, Michael Cleaver & Audrey Baker
Published in March 1977 - 55 pages


Log Entries 8

  • Those Blasted Klingons  by  Donna Nixon (P3)
  • Once Upon a Time  by  Sue Bradley (P15)
  • The Night Was Dark and Still  by  Sheila Cornall (poem) (P18)
  • Legacy  by  Valerie Piacentini (P19)
  • Silent Love  by  Margaret Bertram (poem) (P22)
  • Nessie  by  Gerry Downes (P23)
  • Food...  by  Fiona James (P28)
  • The Storm  by  T.G.Z.C. (P29)
  • Harp Strings  by  Janet Hall (P34)
  • Dearly Beloved  by  Janet Ellicott (P35)
  • Cause of Death, Unknown  by  Sheila Clark (P38)
  • Nice While it Lasted  by  Caroline Nixon (P54)
Art by Sandy Sapatka (cover), Michael Cleaver, Martin Bradley and Audrey Baker.
Published in March 1977 - 55 pages.


Log Entries 9

  • In the Bag  by  T.W. Francis (P3)
  • The Selans’ Encounter With The Enterprise  by  Joanna Deen (P11)
  • Grandpappy's Patent Hydrovaacumatic Flag-waggler  by  Margaret Draper (P21)
  • puzzle  by  Steven Hatton (P24)
  • Home is the Hunted  by  Veronica Wallace (P25)
  • The Cleansing Fire  by  Valerie Piacentini (P32)
  • Cavat Scriptor!  by  Caroline Nixon (poem) (P43)
  • Report  by  Alison Glover (P43)
  • The Dream Of Shanda-Kor  by  Simon Mason (P45)
Art by Sandy Sapatka (cover), Michael Cleaver and Martin Bradley
Published in 1977 - 55 pages


Log Entries 10

  • Monsters Of The Mind  by  Simone Mason (P3)
  • Zarabeth  by  Gillian Catchpole (poem) (P24)
  • The Pool  by  Sheila Clark - McCoy is depressed. (P25)
  • I.D.I.C.  by  Anne and Caroline (poem) (P30)
  • First Contact  by  Margaret Draper (P31)
  • First Alien On Melex  by  C.E. Hall (P35)
  •  by  Valerie Piacentini (P52)
  • Ordeal
  • Tribble  by  Anne Snell (poem (P55)
Art by Beth Hallam (cover), Paul Dakeyne and Alan Laing
Published in 1977 - 55 pages


Log Entries 11

  • The Warlord  by  Sheila Clark (P3)
  • Scott - a Man of Mettle  by  Helen Sneddon (poem) (P13)
  • Last Days  by  Wendy Miller (P14)
  • A Dark and Lonely Space  by  Gillian Catchpole (poem) (P29)
  • What is a Star?  by  T.G.Z.C. (poem) (P29)
  • Mission Accomplished  by  Ginna La Croix (P30)
  • The Failure  by  T.G.Z.C. (poem) (P41)
  • Ultimatum  by  Valerie Piacentini (P42)
Art by Beth Hallam (incl. cover), Paul Dakeyne, Wendy Miller, Alan Laing, Gary Mayes & Sandy Sapatka
Published in September 1977 - 57 pages


Log Entries 12

  • Mobius Syndrome  by  Gloria Mitchell (P3)
  • Ma Poor Wee Bairns Ann Wigmore (poem) (P12)
  • Evil Is...  by  Jennifer Guttridge (P14)
  • Of Life and Death  by  Janet Hall (poem) (P35)
  • Sheer Stubbornness  by  Lesley Coles (P36)
  • The Enterprise Affair  by  Simon Mason (P41)
Art by Beth Hallam (cover), Michael Cleaver, Gloria Mitchell, Paul Dakeyne, Ivy Wilkins
Published in September 1977 - 59 pages


Log Entries 13

  • War and Diplomacy  by  T.W. Francis (P3)
  • The Green Leaves of Cygni II  by  Zena Kightley (P18)
  • Guilt Drive  by  Gillian Catchpole (poem) (P26)
  • Baptism  by  Jean Barron (P27)
  • Reflections  by  Susan Burr (poem) (P31)
  • The Eye of the Dragon  by  C.E. Hall (P32)
  • Never Easy  by  by Gillian Catchpole (poem) (P53)
  • Hide and Seek  by  Valerie Piacentini (P54)
  • Coloured Tribbles  by  Nora Manning (P59)
Art by Sandy Sapatka (cover), Michael Cleaver, Zena Knightly, John Hall
Published in November 1977 - 59 pages


Log Entries 14

  • The Katon II Incident  by  Jean Barron (P3)
  • She More Than Any Other  by  Gillian Catchpole (poem) (P12)
  • All I Need To Know  by  Gillian Catchpole (poem) (P12)
  • The Greatest Gift  by  Valerie Piacentini (P13)
  • I Still Think of You, Leila  by  Janet Hall (poem) (P18)
  • Decker's Last Lament  by  Andy Hirons (poem) (P19)
  • The Last Troubadour  by  Margaret Draper (P20)
  • An Investment In Time  by  Nancy Kippax (P26)
  • The Whisky Chorus (Starfleet Version)  by  Kathleen Glancy (poem) (P31)
  • The Cause Of It All  by  Sheila Clark (P32)
  • Today  by  Gillian Catchpole (poem) (P36)
  • Obsession  by  T.G.Z.C. (poem) (P37)
  • A Lack of Communication  by  C.E. Hall (P38)
Art by Sandy Sapatka (incl. cover), Michael Cleaver, Judy Miller, Ralph Titterton, Robin Hill, Valerie Henwood & John Hall
Published in January 1978 - 57 pages


Log Entries 15

    Issue 15
  • Emergency  by  Jenny Elson (P3)
  • Beyond the Fringe  by  Anne Snell (P12)
  • An Oath of Fidelity  by  Jayne Turner (poem) (P14)
  • Courage  by  Pam Baddeley (P15)
  • A Desperate Gamble  by  Gillian Catchpole (poem) (P23)
  • Afterwards  by  Valerie Piacentin (P24)
  • The Vulcan Choices  by  Gillian Catchpole (poem) (P28)
  • Sonnet on Geneology  by  Kathleen Glancy (poem) (P28)
  • Warbird  by  Andy Hirons (poem) (P29)
  • Trance  by  Mariann Hornlein (P30)
  • Poem  by  Jayne Turner (poem) (P34)
  • Touch!  by  Robin Young (poem) (P35)
  • I, Mudd  by  T.G.Z.C. (poem) (P36)
  • Medieval Contact  by  Simone Mason (P37)
  • Suffer Little Children  by  Beth Hallam (P48)
  • Typewriter Entities  by  T.W. Francis (poem) (P59)
Art by Sandy Sapatka (incl. cover), Martin Bradley, Michael Cleaver, Betty De Gabrielle, Alan Mason, Anne Cockitt, Gabriel Faber
Published in April 1978 - 59 pages


Log Entries 16

    Issue 16 cover of issue #16 Sandy Sapatka Log Entries 16 was
  • Captain's Gold  by  Valerie Piacentini (P3)
  • The Guinea Pigs  by  Audrey Baker (P10)
  • Alternate Universe  by  Janet Hall (poem) (P25)
  • Trial and Error  by  Kelly Mitchell (P26)
  • Our Star  by  Sandie Cowden (poem) (P34)
  • Open to Suggestions  by  Janet Hall (P35)
  • As Never Before  by  Gillian Catchpole (poem) (P60)
Art by Sandy Sapatka (cover), Barry Willmott, Audrey Baker, Karen MacGarvie & Ena Glogowska
Published in June 1978 - 60 pages


Log Entries 17

  • A Little Learning  by  C.E. Hall (P3)
  • The Universe  by  Sandie Cowden (poem) (P10)
  • Verses from a book of the Starship Nursery Rhymes  by  the Wright Family (P19)
  • The Bonding  by  S. Meek (P11)
  • Leaving  by  Gillian Catchpole (poem) (P12)
  • Treffpunkt  by  Sandy Sapatka (P13)
  • Thoughts  by  R.E. Young (poem) (P16)
  • Voyage  by  Ellen Kobrin (poem) (P16)
  • A Busman's Holiday  by  Meg Wright (P17)
  • Visit to an Ice Planet  by  Simone Mason (P22)
  • A Reason to Stay  by  Wendy Walter (poem) (P37)
  • poem  by  Sheila Clark (P38)
  • Edge of Oblivion  by  Jean Barron (P39)
  • Two verses  by  T.G.Z.G. (P57)
Art by Sandy Sapatka (cover), Betty De Gabriele, Beth Hallam, Ena Glogowska, and Alan Mason
Published in August 1978 - 59 pages


Log Entries 18

  • Timeslip  by  Christine Leeson (P3)
  • In Love and Hell We Let Past Happen  by  Gillian Catchpole (poem) (P9)
  • Invisible Asset?  by  Meg Wright (P10)
  • McCoy's Realisation Gillian Catchpole (poem) (P20)
  • Starfleet Nursery Rhymes  by  the Wright Family (P20)
  • Nighmare Dome  by  Simone Mason (P21)
  • Insight  by  R.E. Young (poem) (P37)
  • Command  by  Sally A Syrjala (P38)
  • Difference  by  S. Meek (poem) (P39)
  • Ordeal  by  R.E. Young (poem) (P40)
  • Lost and Found  by  Valerie Piacentini (P41)
  • Art by Sandy Sapatka (cover), Karen MacGarvie, Alan Mason
    Published in August 1978 - 55 pages


Log Entries 19

  • Visitation  by  C.E.Hall (P3)
  • Survival  by  Janet Balch (P8)
  • A Splendid Incident  by  Gillian Catchpole (poem) (P15)
  • Caught in a Conflict  by  Gillian Catchpole (poem) (P15)
  • Mr Griffiths Will Know  by  P S Dale (P16)
  • Beginnings  by  Gillian Catchpole (poem) (P30)
  • Song  by  Kathleen Glancy (poem) (P31)
  • Just A Dream?  by  Ann Neilson (poem) (P32)
  • Combat  by  Jayne Turner (poem) (P32)
  • Twisted Image  by  Jean Barron (P33)
  • Poem  by  Jayne Turner (poem) (P51)
  • A Problem Shared  by  Meg Wright (P52)
  • More Than Faith  by  Ann Neilson (poem) (P53)
Art by Sandy Sapatka (incl cover), S Ward
Published in September 1978 - 53 pages


Log Entries 20

  • McCoy's Nightmare  by  Simone Mason (P3)
  • Beyond Price  by  S. Meek (poem) (P16)
  • Rapport  by  S. Meek (poem) (P16)
  • Letter from T'Pring  by  C.D. (P17)
  • Search  by  S. Meek (poem) (P18)
  • The Things I Do in the Line of Duty!  by  Janet Hall (P19)
  • The Dissimilar Parallel  by  Valerie Piacentini (P23)
  • Load on Gold  by  Wendy Walter (poem) (P34)
  • Starfleet Nursery Rhymes  by  the Wright Family (P34,49)
  • Yliaana  by  Meg Wright (P35)
  • Enterprise  by  T.G.Z.C. (poem) (P48)
  • For the First Time  by  Ann Neilson (poem) (P49)
  • The Hidden Man  by  Ann Neilson (poem) (P49)
  • More than Faith  by  Ann Neilson (poem) (P49)
  • Commitment  by  Mariann Hornlein (P50)
Art by Sandy Sapatka (cover), Richard Gardner, Alan Mason, Marion Allsebrook, Nicola Moore
Published in October 1978 - 57 pages


Log Entries 21

  • The Last and the First  by  Elizabeth Sharp (P3)
  • To Live in a Vault  by  Crystal Ann Taylor (poem) (P13)
  • A Friend  by  Sandie Cowden (poem) (P13)
  • A Matter of Convenience  by  Tina Pole (P14)
  • A Solar System  by  T.G.Z.C. (poem) (P17)
  • Hi-Jack  by  Angela Carthy (P18)
  • Amanda's Son  by  Gladys Oliver (poem) (P22)
  • The IDIC  by  Rayelle Roe (P23)
  • Spock's Question  by  Gladys Oliver (poem) (P25)
  • When All the Leaves Are  by  Gone Gillian Catchpole (poem) (P26)
  • Sonnet  by  Meg Wright (poem) (P26)
  • The Promise  by  Crystal Ann Taylor (poem) (P27)
  • One Good Turn  by  Valerie Piacentin (P28)
  • Spock… To Bones  by  Gladys Oliver (poem) (P40)
  • Lifetime 1001  by  S. Meek (P41)
  • Vulcan  by  Glady's Oliver (poem) (P42)
  • A Brush With Death  by  Meg Wright (P43)
Art by Sandy Sapataka (incl cover), B Willmott, Karen MacGarvie
Published in December 1978 - 52 pages


Log Entries 22

  • And the Stars Call Out  by  S. Meek (P3)
  • McCoy… About Spock  by  Gladys Oliver (poem) (P6)
  • Overture  by  Jean Barron (poem) (P7)
  • A Solution to the Problem  by  J A Clarke (P8)
  • New Chance  by  Ann Neilson (poem) (P17)
  • Music of the Spheres  by  Simone Mason (P18)
  • Compulsion  by  Meg Wright (P37)
  • Hidden Truth  by  Ellen Kobrin (poem) (P45)
  • The Garden  by  Elizabeth Sharp (P46)
  • Heart of Steel  by  Rita Oliver (poem) (P54)
  • Forbidden Thoughts  by  Crystal Ann Taylor (poem) (P55)
Art by Sandy Sapatka (incl cover), Richard Gardner, M Allsebrook & Alan Mason
Published in January 1979 - 55 pages


Log Entries 23

  • Malfunction  by  Christine Leeson (P3)
  • Lost and Found  by  S. Meek (poem) (P7)
  • This Side of Paradise…  by  Josephine Timmins (P8)
  • The Lone Vulcan  by  Gladys Oliver (poem) (P10)
  • The Outing  by  Sally Syrjala (P11)
  • A Moment of Weakness  by  Gillian Catchpole (poem) (P14)
  • The Strategist  by  Susan Stephenson (P15)
  • Reflections  by  S. Meek (poem) (P17)
  • In Darkness  by  S. Meek (P18)
  • Hic Est  by  Meg Wright (P20)
  • Poem  by  Janet Balch (poem) (P23)
  • Work of Friction  by  Roo (poem) (P23)
  • For If Dreams Die  by  Jean Barron (P24)
  • Mind Link  by  Gillian Catchpole (poem) (P36)
  • Transport of Delight  by  Tina Pole (P37)
  • Organic Chemistry Made Easy  by  Roo (poem) (P41)
  • They  by  Gladys Oliver (P42)
  • The Valley of the Shadow  by  Mariann Hornlein (P46)
  • A Friendship  by  S. Meek (poem) (P53)
Art by Sandy Sapatka (cover), Ann Neilson & M Allsebrook
Published in April 1979 - 53 pages


Log Entries 24

  • Journey Of Terror  by  Audrey Baker (P3)
  • Escape  by  Ann Neilson (poem) (P33)
  • The Future Belongs To You  by  Jean Thomson (P34)
  • Sonnet  by  Theresa Hewitt (poem) (P38)
  • First Letter  by  Rita Oliver (P39)
  • Trekker's Nursery Rhyme  by  S. Meek (poem) (P41)
  • Time of Testing  by  S. Meek (P42)
Art by Sandy Sapatka (cover), Ann Neilson
Published in June 1979 - 59 pages


Log Entries 25

  • A Brass Farthing's Worth  by  C.E. Hall (P3)
  • Relative Views  by  Sandie Cowden (poem) (P23)
  • untitled story  by  Elaine Booth (P24)
  • No End  by  Gladys Oliver (poem) (P33)
  • The Mists of Elo'an  by  Simon Mason (P34)
  • Bird of Time  by  Valerie Piacentini (P46)
  • The Choice is Made  by  Sheila Clark (poem) (P54)
  • Sonnet  by  Therese Holmes (poem) (P54)
  • Mirror ? Mirror  by  Sandie Cowden (poem) (P55)
Art by Sandy Sapatka (cover), Mark French, Richard Gardner
Published August 1979 - 55 pages


Log Entries 26

  • Prelude  by  Mary A. Smith (P3)
  • Kinship  by  S. Meek (poem) (P9)
  • Requiem for Reena  by  C.F. Deery (poem) (P9)
  • Yesterday's Dreams  by  Heather and Sue Hillsden (P10)
  • The Melding of Minds  by  Jayne Turner (poem) (P20)
  • A Lily for Sulu  by  Josephine Timmins (P22)
  • Here Comes the Bride...  by  Tina Pole (P24)
  • Adrift  by  Gillian Catchpole (poem) (P33)
  • Lhi-Sorann  by  Jean Barron (P34)
Art by Sandy Sapatka (cover), S. Ward, Ann Neilson
Published in October 1979 - 53 pages


Log Entries 27

  • Is this a Dagger?  by  Pamela Dale (P3)
  • Loneliness and Friendship  by  Janet Hall (poem) (P9)
  • The Function  by  Bryan Lilly (P10)
  • Together  by  Gillian Catchpole (poem) (P16)
  • Leader Type  by  Wendy Walter (P17)
  • A Death in Time  by  Theresa Hewitt (P19)
  • The Unnecessary Price  by  Geri Murphy (P33)
  • Divided Loyalty  by  Gillian Catchpole (poem) (P38)
  • Sajan  by  Valerie Piacentini (P39)
Art by Sandy Sapatka (cover), Ann Neilson, Virginia Lee Smith
Published in October 1979 - 55 pages


Log Entries 28

  • The Mines of Morvi  by  Pamela Dale (P3)
  • untitled poem  by  Kathleen Glancy (poem) (P13)
  • Spock and the Dragon  by  Nora Manning (poem) (P15)
  • Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow?  by  Jayne Turner (poem) (P16)
  • Dragonspawn  by  Teresa Hewitt (P17)
  • Thoughts Upon a Summer's Day  by  Jayne Turner (poem) (P26)
  • Resurrection  by  Josephine Timmins (P27)
  • Just Between Us...  by  Rita Oliver (poem) (P37)
  • General Order Number 1  by  D. DaBinett (P38)
  • Dreams and Memories  by  Gillian Catchpole (poem) (P51)
Art by Sandy Sapatka (cover), Ann Neilson, Virginia Lee Smith, Roo
Published in December 1979 - 51 pages


Log Entries 29

  • Here Be Dragons  by  Tina Pole (P3)
  • The Final Denominator  by  Crystal Ann Taylor (poem) (P9)
  • Letter Home  by  Judy Miller (P10)
  • Art Thee Human or Art Thee Vulcan  by  Jayne Turner (poem) (P12)
  • A Shared Nightmare  by  Jacqueline Newey (P13)
  • I Can't Stop...  by  Sandie Cowden (poem) (P22)
  • The Fling  by  Tina Pole (P23)
  • Partings  by  Josie Rutherford (P31)
  • The Trouble with Tribbles  by  Linda Green and Wendy Emery (poem) (P32)
  • Ancient Meets Modern  by  Joanna Ray (P33)
  • Missed Opportunities  by  Gillian Catchpole (poem) (P38)
  • Out of the Frying Pan  by  Therese Holmes (P39)
Art by Roo (cover), Virginia Lee Smith and Ann Neilson
Published in February 1980 - 53 pages.


Log Entries 30

  • The Xalpa Affair  by  Simone Mason (P3)
  • To a Friend  by  Rita Oliver (poem) (P24)
  • Dear Diary  by  Lorraine Goodison (P25)
  • The Psyche  by  Rita Oliver (P26)
  • Questions  by  Lorraine Goodison (poem) (P37)
  • Cloudless, Climes and Starry Skies  by  Therese Holmes (P38)
  • The Captain's Lady  by  Josie Rutherford (poem) (P45)
  • Companionship  by  Sally Marsh (P46)
Art by Roo (cover), Alan Mason & Derek Gray
Published in April 1980 - 51 pages


Log Entries 31

  • The Late Mr. Spock  by  Gladys Oliver (P3)
  • Security Lament  by  Ray Dowsett (P31)
  • Enterprise  by  Gladys Oliver (P31)
  • The Mists of Time  by  Mariann Hornlein (P32)
  • Tribble in Store  by  Pippa Sykes (P40)
  • Soulstealer  by  Lorraine Goodison (P41)
Art by Roo (cover) and Barry Willmott
Published in April 1980 - 51 pages


Log Entries 32

  • Cosmic Trap at Galaxy's End  by  Christine Leeson (P3)
  • Doctor's Dilemma  by  Rachel Tate (poem) (P7)
  • The Virus  by  Anne Flegg (P8)
  • Odona  by  Anne Flegg (poem) (P15)
  • Mutiny  by  David Coote (P16)
  • The Test  by  Karen Hayden (P21)
  • Won't Somebody Please Help The Captain  by  Tina Pole (P33)
  • Things Left Unsaid  by  Linda Green (poem) (P38)
  • Monkey Business  by  Josephine Timmins (P39)
  • Plea  by  Anne Flegg (poem) (P42)
  • The Kirk Syndrome  by  Christine Gray (P43)
  • A Taste of Afian  by  Kelly Downes (P51)
  • A Night Off  by  Phillipa Hammond (P51)
Art by Roo (incl cover), Karen McGarvie
Published in May 1980 - 51 pages


Log Entries 33

  • A New Beginning  by  Charlotte Davis (P3)
  • Incident on Vega-Oken  by  Elizabeth Sharp (P17)
  • Friendship Renewed  by  Lorraine Goodison (poem) (P29)
  • Brief Thought  by  Lorraine Goodison (poem) (P29)
  • Echoes of Past and Future  by  Lorraine Goodison (P30)
  • Poem  by  Lorraine Goodison (poem) (P42)
  • How Strange  by  Paula Greener (P43)
  • Poem  by  Lorraine Goodison (poem) (P47)
  • Let Me Help  by  Margaret Sibbald (P48)
Art by Sandy Sapatka (cover), Steven Jew, Roo
Published in May 1980 - 51 pages


Log Entries 34

  • Time Does Fly  by  C.A. Abbott (P3)
  • A Matter Of Diplomacy  by  Josie Timmins (P7)
  • In Love We Trust  by  Verna May (P20)
  • The Decision  by  Patricia Keen (P34)
  • The Velvet Sky, The Jewelled Stars  by  Linda Green (poem) (P36)
  • Mind Snatch  by  Mark G Gregory (P37)
  • Captain James T Kirk  by  Gillian Catchpole (poem) (P52)
Art by Sandy Sapatka (cover), Mark French, Roo
Published in July 1980 - 53 pages


Log Entries 35

  • The Colours of Darkness  by  Simone Mason (P3)
  • The Starlord and the Wanderer  by  Jayne Turner (poem) (P22)
  • A Mother's Thoughts  by  Josie Rutherford (poem) (P23)
  • Close Encounters of the Fourth Kind  by  Vicki Richards (P24)
  • To Spock, Take Heed  by  Jackie High (poem) (P33)
  • By The Rules  by  Linda Chapple (P34)
  • Cenre Seat  by  S. Meek (poem) (P37)
  • To Boldly Go  by  Sue Simon (poem) (P37)
  • Communications Blackout  by  Jane Tietjen (P38)
  • Two Selves  by  Gillian Catchpole (poem) (P42)
  • Once upon A Dream…  by  Dr Helen Baldwin (P43)
  • My Vulcan Friend  by  Sue Simon (poem) (P47)
  • Homecoming  by  Crystal Ann Taylor (poem) (P48)
  • …Another Day  by  Judy Miller (P49)
Art by Sandy Sapatka (cover), Martin Delaney
Published in July 1980 - 51 pages


Log Entries 36

  • The Last Journey  by  Lesley Bryan (P3)
  • One More Duty  by  Gladys Oliver (poem) (P11)
  • A Diplomatic Incident  by  Meg Wright (P12)
  • Going Home  by  Gillian Catchpole (poem) (P17)
  • The Flower  by  Gladys Oliver (poem) (P17)
  • Raplacement, Robot and Radiation  by  Christine Leeson (P18)
  • The Most Logical Combination  by  Gladys Oliver (poem) (P23)
  • A Captain's Thoughts  by  S. Meek (poem) (P26)
  • Another One  by  C.E. Hall (P27)
  • For Leila  by  S. Meek (poem) (P38)
  • More Deadly Than the Male?  by  Meg Wright (P39)
Art by Sandy Sapatka (cover), M Delaney
Published in July 1980 - 51 pages


Log Entries 37

  • The Aerolythian  by  Jenny Watson (P3)
  • Doomsday Machine Prologue  by  Ian Pearse (P16)
  • The Understanding  by  Lesley Coles (P22)
  • Friends In Need  by  Ann Preece (P39)
  • Desperation  by  S. Meek (poem) (P48)
  • Interrogation  by  S. Meek (P49)
Art by Sandy Sapatka (cover), Martin Delaney, Sharon Packham, Ruth Kurz
Published in August 1980 - 51 pages


Log Entries 38

  • The Encounter  by  Linda Chapple (P3)
  • After V'Ger  by  Katy Deery (poem) (P5)
  • In Simpler Language, Captain, Sir, They Drafted Me!  by  Pauline Andrews (P6)
  • Mudd Again!  by  Sandie Cowden (poem) (P13)
  • Negative Image  by  Vivian Young (P14)
  • Sargon's Lament  by  S. Meek (poem) (P21)
  • IDIC, Tense, Nervouse IDIC?  by  Therese Holmes (P22)
  • Web Confrontation  by  S. Meek (poem) (P25)
  • The Man With the Child in His Eyes  by  Rita Oliver (P26)
  • Edith: In Memory  by  Katy Deery (poem) (P27)
  • Home Sweet Home?  by  Josie Timmins (P28)
  • Elaan  by  Katy Deery (poem) (P44)
  • A Day In The Life of…  by  Lesley Walker (P45)
  • Yet Another Day in the Life of a Starship Captain  by  Rita Oliver (poem) (P51)
Art by Sandy Sapatka (cover), Martin Delaney, Roo
Published in December 1980 - 51 pages


Log Entries 39

  • Green is Beautiful  by  Chrissie Farr (P3)
  • An Easy Decision  by  Jayne Turner (poem) (P5)
  • Passenger  by  Gladys & Rita Oliver (P6)
  • Kirk's Day Off  by  Susan C. Broughton & Gail E. Clark (P13)
  • Shades of a Dream  by  Karen Hayden (poem) (P30)
  • No Turning Back  by  Elizabeth Butler (P31)
  • Starship Captain's Lament  by  Barbara Wright (poem) (P34)
  • The Rainbow Trap  by  J. Miller (P35)
Art by Sandy Sapatka (cover), Lee Sullivan
Published in February 1981 - 59 pages.


Log Entries 40

  • Vendetta  by  H & S Hillsden (P3)
  • Kirk's Meditation  by  Joan Wallsgrove (P29)
  • Who Is the More Expendible Between Us?  by  Jayne Turner (poem) (P30)
  • Return AU  by  Meg Wright (P31)
  • Half-Life  by  S. Meek (poem) (P42)
  • Tribble Planet  by  Judy Miller (P43)
  • Conquered  by  S. Meek (poem) (P53)
Art by Sandy Sapatka (cover), Martin Delaney
Published in April 1981 - 53 pages


Log Entries 41

  • The Difference Between Us  by  Margaret Sibbald & Margaret Edgar (P3)
  • Logic  by  S. Meek (poem) (P34)
  • Cause of Death: Unknown  by  Bettina Marloth (P35)
  • Conversation  by  Linda Hughes (poem) (P38)
  • Chekov's Last Stand  by  Judy Miller (P40)
Art by Sandy Sapatka (cover), Martin Delaney, Roo
Published in April 1981 - 51 pages


Log Entries 42

  • The Past Lies Before Us  by  Karen Kirkby and Patricia Keen (P3)
  • Shadows  by  Gladys Oliver (poem) (P31)
  • The Lesson  by  Linda Huges (P32)
  • For Sam  by  Katy Deery (poem) (P35)
  • The King's Fool  by  Shirley Buck (P36)
  • Shadow From the Past  by  Elizabeth Butler (P40)
  • Letter  by  Ann Flegg (poem) (P59)
  • Paradise Lost… and Found  by  Tina W Pole (poem) (P59)
Art by Sandy Sapatka (cover), Ann Neilson, Ann Humphrey, POW
Published in June 1981 - 59 pages


Log Entries 43

  • For A Split Second  by  Jo McConnell (P3)
  • Logical, Mr Spock?  by  Lynette Percy (poem) (P25)
  • Checkmate  by  Josie Rutherford (P26)
  • Marooned!  by  Ann Preece (P28)
  • First Watch  by  Meg Wright (P49)
  • Silent Love  by  S. Meek (poem) (P50)
  • Spock Mystery  by  Linda Hughes (P51)
Art by Sandy Sapatka (cover), Roo, Ann Humphrey
Published in August 1981 - 53 pages