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Make It So 1 - 26

The zines are available to read as PDFs which have been produced by scanning the original zines. Click on the cover and the zine should open in a new tab in most browsers on computers, laptops and tablets. You might struggle to read them on small screens. Clicking on any coloured title will open a text copy of the story

You may save a copy for your own personal use (right click on cover and 'save target as'). If you wish to make use of the PDFs in any other way, please contact us. Please do not further distribute the PDFs.

COPYRIGHT While we had permission from the writers and artists to publish their fanworks in our zines with reprint rights and hard copies of many (though not the earliest) of these zines do exist in the British Library, none of us in fandom in those early days envisioned online publication. Unfortunately we have lost touch with most of the writers and artists and some of them are no longer with us. We are hoping none of our contributors will object to us making the zines available through the Archive as part of our way of honouring and preserving early fandom. If you are a writer or an artist who does object, please contact us to discuss various options, such as removing your work. The story/art pages can be replaced with placeholder pages leaving only the title and the contributor’s name in the Table of Contents. contact us.


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Make It So 1

  • Admission  by  Sandy Catchick (P1)
  • Pinocchio  by  Lynette Muir (poem) (P5)
  • Academy Exercise  by  Sheila Clark (P6)
  • Diplomacy  by  Tina Pols (P16)
  • Nightmare  by  J A Clarke (P23)
  • Smile...  by  Pam Crabtree (P32)
  • Becoming Friends  by  Karen Sparks (P42)
Art by Sandra Finch (cover), Ann Neilson, Sue Jones
Published in February 1989 - 72 pages.


Make It So 2

  • Reasons for Living  by  Karen Sparks (P3)
  • Like a Lady  by  Linda Wood (poem) (P11)
  • Chasing Clouds  by  Lorraine Goodison (P13)
  • Departed Friend  by  Karen Sparks (poem) (P16)
  • A Twist in Time  by  Jacqueline Comben (P18)
  • Return  by  Jacqueline Comben (P36)
  • An Ignominious  by  L.G. (P41)
  • Replay  by  Scott Carrick (P48)
  • It's Over  by  S. Meek (poem) (P81)
  • Say Goodbye to it All  by  Lorraine Goodison (P82)
  • Captain's Nightmare  by  Lesley McCartney (poem) (P90)
  • Link  by  Teresa Abbott (P92)
Art by Lorraine Goodison (cover), Nola Frame-Gray
Published in August 1989 - 100 pages


Make It So 3

  • Turning Point  by  Lorraine Goodison (P3)
  • Twenty Minutes  by  Angela Brown (poem) (P10)
  • On Another's Sorrow  by  Karen Sparks (P11)
  • Fortunate Happenstance  by  Lorraine Goodison (P21)
  • The Best Years  by  Michael Simpson (P28)
  • Lonely Within  by  Lorraine Goodison (P33)
  • New Ship  by  Oriel Cooper (poem) (P40)
  • Things Than Go Bump  by  Ann Neilson (P41)
  • Visitor  by  Oriel Cooper (poem) (P46)
  • Dinner Date  by  Lorraine Goodison (P47)
  • What's In A Name  by  Lori Scott (P53)
  • Decision Time  by  Scott Carrick (P56)
  • Pinocchio  by  Synda Surgenor (P66)
  • Denial  by  Synda Surgenor (poem) (P70)
  • Natasha  by  Karen Sparks (P71)
Art by Lorraine Goodison (cover), Nola Frame-Gray
Published in February 1990 - 98 pages.


Make It So 4

  • Love Is  by  Lorraine Goodison (P3)
  • Get Naked Now  by  Nola Frame-Grey (Pcartoon) (P11)
  • Peace Treaty  by  Sandy Catchick (P13)
  • Cutting the Strings  by  Ann Peters (poem) (P33)
  • Biomass  by  Scott Carrick (P35)
  • Interstellar Scrap Man  by  Christine Jones (poem) (P54)
  • In the Mind's Eye  by  Lorraine Goodison (P55)
  • Red Alert  by  Lori Scott (poem) (P79)
  • Fighting Chance  by  Mary S. Lee (P80)
Art by Lorraine Goodison (cover), Anita Shearman, Nola Frame-Gray
Published in September 1990 - 96 pages


Make It So 5

  • The Interrogator  by  Marie Chettle (P3)
  • Yes He Is. No They Didn't  by  P.J. Poole (P7)
  • Better the Riker You Know  by  Margaret Connor (P9)
  • Painful Memories  by  Oriel Cooper (P19)
  • Heaven or Hell  by  Marie Chettle (P22)
  • Happy Birthday  by  Lori Scott (P36)
  • Requiem for Tasha  by  Linda Wood (poem) (P49)
  • A Small Measure  by  Brenda Kelsey (P50)
  • Watermark  by  Lorraine Goodison (P55)
  • Brother of Mine  by  J. Schmidt (P58)
  • My Daughter or Data  by  Jacquie Groom (poem) (P68)
  • Acedemy Legacy  by  Jackie Groom (P69)
  • Ambassador Royale  by  Ann E. Routley (P80)
  • Companions  by  Mary Soon Lee (P88)
Art by Lorraine Goodison (cover), M. Street, Anita Shearman, Nola Frame-Gray , Ruth Mellor
Published in April 1991 - 96 pages


Make It So 6

  • On returning from Where No Man Has Gone Before  by  Teresa Abbott (P3)
  • Neutral Justice  by  P.J. Poole (P8)
  • Nicknames  by  Marcia Pecor (P19)
  • What Will Happen Now?  by  Ann Peters (poem) (P25)
  • Illusions  by  Gail Christison (P26)
  • A Little Romance  by  Lori Scott (P53)
  • Masquerade  by  Jackie Marshall (P63)
Art by Keren Breen (cover), Ruth Mellor, Nola Frame-Gray, Anita Shearman
Published in August 1991 - 98 pages


Make It So 7

  • …Or Your Dreams Will Come True  by  Marie Chettle (P3)
  • Iceworks  by  Gaile Wood (P19)
  • Warning  by  Helen Connor (poem) (P32)
  • Armus  by  Helen Connor (poem) (P32)
  • The Daedelus Factor  by  Gail Christison (P33)
  • A Man With Vision  by  Michael Simpson (P51)
  • Stormy Ride (PSequel to Ambassador Royale, Issue 5)  by  Ann E. Routley (P54)
  • Fun on Angel One  by  Helen Connor (poem) (P63)
  • Eyes  by  Ann E. Routley (poem) (P64)
  • Wesley  by  Helen Connor (poem) (P64)
  • Cinidh  by  Gail Christison (P68)
Art by Paul Privitera (cover), Keren Breen, Kari M. John, Ruth Mellor
Published in February 1992 - 98 pages.


Make It So 8

  • Coming Home  by  Morag Phillips (P3)
  • Two As One  by  Helen Connor (poem) (P13)
  • C'est la Q  by  Elena Bond (P15) (PA Riker/Q story, in which a female Q appears and starts off  by  giving everyone their heart's desire -- in suitably twisted form, of course.)
  • Regrets  by  Helen Connor (P31)
  • Watch Out For The…  by  Lorraine Goodison (P33)
  • Forever Weeping  by  Morag Phillips (poem) (P37)
  • Double Trouble  by  Lisa Dearnley Davison (P38)
  • Friends  by  Helen Connor (poem) (P49)
  • Genesis  by  Gaile Wood (P50)
  • The Headache  by  Helen Connor (poem) (P99)
Art by Ruth Mellor (cover), Lorraine Goodison
Published in April 1992 - 99 pages.


Make It So 9

  • Retribution  by  J. Schmidt (P3)
  • The Loss  by  Sheryl Peterson (poem) (P29)
  • Judgement  by  Peter J. Poole (P30)
  • Tin Man  by  Sheryl Peterson (poem) (P38)
  • Here Today  by  Sheryl Peterson (poem) (P39)
  • That Which Hungers  by  Gaile Wood (P41)
  • Advice From a Friend  by  Helen Connor (poem) (P100)
  • Sales Talk  by  Helen Connor (poem) (P100)
Art by Ruth Mellor (cover), Nola Frame-Gray
Published in April 1992 and 100 pages.


Make It So 10

  • Pipeline  by  Lisa Dearnley Davison (P3)
  • Visions  by  Margaret Connor (poem) (P16)
  • Invisible Fury  by  Margaret Connor (P17)
  • A Death of Value  by  Oriel Cooper (P28)
  • Friendly Spirit  by  Helen Connor (P30)
  • Comment/Replies  by  Helen Connor (poem) (P40)
  • Past's Hidden  by  Sally Woods (P41)
  • The Tinkerbell Experience  by  Gaile Wood (P65)
  • Data or Lore  by  Helen Connor (poem) (P82)
  • The Firemaker  by  Matthew Conway (P83)
Art by Gordon Smith (cover), Anita Shearman, Morag Phillips, Gill Marsden, Keren Breen, Gaile Wood
Published in June 1992 and 100 pages.


Make It So 11 - Poppies

  • Poppies  by Gaile Wood
Art by Gaile Wood
Published in October 1992 - 86 pages.


Make It So 12

  • The Storyteller  by  Bonnie Holmyard (P3)
  • Situation Wanted  by  Helen Connor (poem) (P8)
  • You Lived Among the Colonists  by  Christine Carr (poem) (P9)
  • Genetics  by  Helen Connor (poem) (P26)
  • Party Animal  by  Peter J. Poole (P27)
  • The Loss  by  Sheryl Peterson (poem) (P33)
  • Trial  by  Error  by  Margaret Connor (P34)
  • Yin 'Etlh, Hegh 'Etlh  by  Gail Christison (P53)
  • Memories  by  Jenny Howsam (poem) (P75)
  • Dangerous Diplomacy  by  John Gallacher (P76)
Art by Gordon Smith (cover), Ruth Mellor
Published in January 1993 - 100 pages.


Make It So 13

  • Tail of the Unexpected  by  Lorraine Goodison (P3)
  • Excuse Me, Is This Holodeck Taken?  by  Elizabeth Roberts (P15)
  • No Savour  by  Margaret Connor (poem) (P25)
  • Terminus  by  Debbie Lee--A scornful classmate of Jeremy Aster's is taken aback  by  his Klingon connections. (P26)
  • Fate  by  Helen Connor (poem) (P40)
  • Tailored Environment  by  Peter J Poole (P41)
  • Geordie  by  Rachel Lindfield (poem) (P46)
  • Marella  by  Helen Connor (P47)
  • After  by  Gail Christison (P63)
  • Old Friend  by  Margaret Connor (poem) (P66)
  • A Question of Being  by  Gail Christison (P67)
Art by Lynn Henricks (cover), Keren Breen, Nola Frame-Gray
Published in January 1993 - 100 pages.


Make It So 14

  • Inquest on a Final Mission  by  Peter J Poole (P3)
  • Remembering Q  by  Gail Michael Crouch (poem) (P8)
  • Surprise! Surprise!  by  Bonnie Holmyard (P9)
  • The Right Born  by  Gaile Wood (P16)
  • Captains Doctors and Rogue Archaeologists  by  Jenny Howsam (poem) (P47)
  • Letting Go  by  Lee Sansome (poem) (P49)
  • Lost and Found  by  Debbie Lee (P50)
Art by Christa Richert (cover), Ruth Mellor, Gaile Wood, Maxine, Nola Frame-Gray
Published in February 1993 - 100 pages.


Make It So 15

  • Warriors  by  Gail Christison (P3)
  • Behind the Tear  by  Jenny Howsam (poem) (P6)
  • The End  by  Lisa Dearnley-Davison (P7)
  • K'ehleyr's Point of View  by  Margaret Connor (poem) (P11)
  • Truth Unveiled  by  Bonnie Holmyard (P12)
  • The Hunter and the Hunted  by  Lisa Dearnley-Davison (P20)
  • Survival  by  Gail Christison (P48)
  • Full Marks  by  Gaile Wood (P81)
Art by Corinne Meyer (cover), Lorraine Goodison, Nola Frame-Gray
Published in February 1993 - 102 pages.


Make It So 16 - The Distaff Side

  • The Distaff Side  by  Debbie Lee
Published in August 1993 - 96-page


Make It So 17

  • To Be or Not to Be  by  Martin Stahl (P3)
  • Sound of Souls  by  Gaile Wood (poem) (P9)
  • The Garden of Eden  by  Sally Woods (P10)
  • Shoot to Kill  by  Ann Peters (poem) (P33)
  • The Impossible Dream  by  Margaret Connor (poem) (P34)
  • Crossing the Line  by  Alan Butler (P36)
  • Skin of Evil  by  Gail Christison (P44)
  • Meld  by  Linda C Wood (poem) (P53)
  • Not to be Sniffed At  by  David Gallagher (P55)
  • Perspectives  by  Lee Sansome (P56)
  • War Games  by  Helen Connor (poem) (P104)
Art by Steve John Davies (cover), Ruth Mellor, Maxine
Published in October 1993 - 104 pages


Make It So 18

  • Dreaming Through the Twilight  by  Jackie Marshall (P3)
  • Remembrance  by  Gaile Wood (poem) (P11)
  • And I Dreamed I was An Eagle  by  Brenda Kelsey (P12)
  • Of Empathy  by  Gaile Wood (poem) (P15)
  • Triptych  by  P.J. Poole (P16)
  • Memories of Earth  by  Jenny Howsam (poem) (P21)
  • The Positronic Dream Made Flesh  by  Carol Sterenberg (P22)
  • Yuta  by  Helen Connor (poem) (P40)
  • Calling Out  by  Jenny Howsam (poem) (P41)
  • A Test of Warrior Skill  by  Sherry Golding (P42)
  • Altered Images  by  Margaret & Helen Connor (poem) (P45)
  • Run-In  by  Brenda Kelsey (P46)
  • Guinan's view of Q  by  Margaret Connor (poem) (P48)
  • Strands  by  Gaile Wood. (P49)
Art by Christine Carr
Published in December 1993 - 98 pages.


Make It So 19

  • Number Five  by  Brenda Kelsey (P3)
  • Just a Game  by  Helen Connor (poem) (P11)
  • Friends  by  Ryan O'Neill (P12)
  • What Do You See?  by  Helen Connor (poem) (P44)
  • Selza O'Rein  by  Sherry Golding (P45)
  • Temporary Alliance  by  Margaret Connor (poem) (P48)
  • A Time of Confidence  by  Christine Carr (P49)
  • Perchance To Dream  by  Carol Sterenberg (P64)
  • The Healing  by  Sean Christie (poem) (P66)
  • The Human Condition  by  Gaile Wood (poem) (P68)
  • Pride  by  Sherry Golding (P69)
  • Geordi's Luck  by  Margaret Connor (poem) (P73)
  • Some Kind of Justice  by  Carol Sterenberg (P74)
  • The Borg  by  Helen Connor (poem) (P100)
Art by Christine Carr (cover), Gill Marsden, Maike Zock
Published in February 1994 - 100 pages.


Make It So 20

  • Time Out of Mind  by  Nina Lynch (P3)
  • Hidden Feelings  by  Helen Connor (poem) (P43)
  • The Closet Officer  by  Nola Frame-Gray--A health inspector turns up an irregularity in Data's quarters. (P44)
  • We're Back  by  Helen Connor (poem) (P60)
  • Picking Up the Pieces  by  Margaret Connor (poem) (P61)
  • Messenger  by  Sandra Edge (P62)
  • Lutan  by  Margaret Connor (poem) (P69)
  • A Bloody Revenge  by  Jenny Howsam (poem) (P70)
  • No Place for the Innocent  by  Sean Christie (P71)
Art by Gaile Wood (cover), Ruth Mellor, Nola Frame-Gray
Published in February 1994 - 100 pages.


Make It So 21

  • Q'Oymi Pachakuti  by  Taruka Quauhtezcatl (P3)
  • Lament  by  Gaile Wood (poem) (P24)
  • When Thou Hast  by  Brenda Kelsey (P25)
  • Personal Conflict  by  Richard Meade (P27)
  • Sentience  by  Helen Connor (poem) (P40)
  • The Sleeper Shall Awaken  by  Nigel Turner (P41)
Artwork by Karen Breen (cover), Maike Zock
Published in March 1994 and has 100 pages.


Make It So 22

  • Holodeck Homicide  by  Christine Carr (P3)
  • The Answer  by  Margaret Connor (poem) (P19)
  • One of Those Days  by  Carol Sterenberg (P21)
  • The Wanderer  by  Helen Connor (poem) (P25)
  • Elegy for Lal  by  Lyn Muir (poem) (P26)
  • Space Trial  by  Debbie Lee (P27)
  • Liko  by  Margaret Connor (poem) (P100)
Artwork by Corinne Meyer (cover), Ruth Mellor, Kari Melissa, Anita Shearman
Published in March 1994 - 100 pages.


Make It So 23

  • It  by  Kirstie Jordan (P3)
  • Curious Interloper  by  Sandra Edge (P10)
  • Spot's Musings  by  Christine Carr (P24)
  • Debutant  by  Christine Carr (P26)
  • Wesley  by  Helen Connor (poem) (P40)
  • Q  by  Helen Connor (poem) (P40)
  • Saffron  by  J. Schmidt (P41)
  • Warning  by  Margaret Connor (poem) (P77)
  • In the Captain's Shoes  by  Pen Cramphorn (P78)
  • The Eye of the Beholder  by  Jacquie Groom (P81)
Artwork by Gordon Smith (cover), Mattheww Christie, Zaquia Tarhuntassa
Published in January 1995 - 96 pages.


Make It So 24

  • Cuckoos in the Nest  by  Sandra Edge (P3)
  • After  by  Ruth King (P22)
  • Then Ten-Year Mission  by  Helen Connor (poem) (P25)
  • Enterprise Saturday Night  by  Alan Boag (poem) (P26)
  • Golden Star, Morning Wisdom  by  Taruka Quauhtezcatl (P28)
  • William Thomas Riker  by  Jacquie Groom (poem) (P100)
Artwork by Gordon Smith (cover), Ruth Mellor, Zaquia Tarhuntassa
Published in 1995 - 100 pages.


Make It So 25

  • Necessary Evil  by  Anne Keown (P3)
  • Fledgeling  by  Sandra Edge (P27)
  • Just Desserts  by  Liz Aris (P58)
  • Aftermath  by  Christine Carr (P61)
Artwork by Matthew Christie (cover), C. MacLeod, Zaquia Tarhuntassa
Published in August 1995 and is 100 pages long.


Make It So 26

  • A Little Ado  by  Eve Robinson (P3)
  • Cousins  by  Sandra P. Edge (P15)
  • Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow  by  Eve Robinson (P24)
  • Body Language  by  Jenny Howsam (poem) (P26)
  • A Boy Dreams  by  Ann Lindsay Wright (poem) (P27)
  • To Press the Trigger  by  Jenny Howsam (poem) (P28)
  • Where No Cat Has Gone Before  by  Pen Cramphorn (P29)
  • A Man  by  Ann Lindsay (poem) (P38)
  • Let Us Prey  by  Christine Carr (P39)
  • The Right Decision  by  Arline Lewis (poem) (P100)
Artwork by Zaquia Tarhuntassa (cover), Matthew Christie
Published in April 1996 - 100 pages.