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Mirror, Mirror universe


Mrs P

Mirror, Mirror universe - a parallel domain
Where brother turns on brother, and fear and terror reign,
Where strength is built on treachery, betrayal and mistrust
And those too weak to stand their ground are trampled into dust.

Mirror, Mirror universe - a mission like the rest
Compelled to leave a peaceful world exploited, crushed, suppressed.
One chance to talk, no chance for peace, no hope to save their race.
A storm - a Mirror Enterprise, a shift in time and space

Mirror, Mirror universe - as lines of change begin,
An empire forged by ruthless hearts, and four who don't fit in,
Who reached through their transporter beam, a ship they do not know.
And wonder at their world gone mad, and closest friend turned foe.

Mirror, Mirror universe - an Enterprise insane.
A crew without compassion; a sickbay run on pain;
A bridge devoid of loyalty, where none dare turn their back.
A world of lies and subterfuge and unprovoked attack.

Mirror, Mirror universe - a plan to put things straight
To swap with evil counterparts before it's all too late.
Aware that in this hostile land, the weak would quickly fall.
A plan devised in secret - a Vulcan seeing all.

Mirror, Mirror universe - the seconds ticking by.
A choice; to risk the journey home, or let a stranger die.
A healer's clear compassion shines, a chance for freedom lost
A brutal mind invasion - a Vulcan worth the cost.

Mirror, Mirror universe - and all is right again.
The four have left the empire ship, but memories remain,
Precise consideration of the voices he has heard
In this, in any universe, a Vulcan keeps his word.


Copyright Mrs P