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My Turn Now


Mrs P

You've won too many arguments,
You stubborn-headed Vulcan.
Out ranked and out manoeuvred me
Unmovable as stone.
Convinced yourself so utterly
That logic never falters,
And sacrifice and martyrdom
Are meant for you alone.

But now I've scored a victory,
Defeated Vulcan logic,
My actions quite unethical
My methods underhand.
I've seized the opportunity,
Ignored my Starfleet training,
And disobeyed the orders
Of my Second-in-Command.

I won't forget those seconds
As the hypo took your senses;
Your sudden comprehension
Under disbelief and shock.
No chance for fool heroics,
As you sleep beside your Captain.
You thought you'd got your way again,
Not this time, Spock.


Copyright Mrs P