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Lorraine Goodison

It is night on the Enterprise.
They say night is silent;
The only time a ship is at peace,
But I think not.

As I walk the passage on seasoned tread
I feel her vibrant new life.
The life given to the new-born child that is
My ears hear every creak, every hum, every cough
From the bridge to below and beyond.
I pass a door,
Hear soft harp tones...
And smile as I perceive their meaning.

An outside viewer...
The awesome sight of infinity.
My soul expands to encompass that wonder,
But in vain.
I reach inward, and see her in my mind.
My ship, my phoenix, my beauty,
My love.
Like a space-borne dove she flies the dark majesty
And only I - only I can feel her heart beat this night.

Lost in silent contemplation
I nod to another who
Measures his life in thoughts of solitude.
The throb of her imprisoned wildness fills
The walls about me... The wildness I have
Longed for these past years.
Sleep, silent night, for I have returned...
The dream is ended.
Reality begins.


Copyright Lorraine Goodison