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Lorraine Goodison

I can draw scaley dragons,
I can sketch limbless trees,
I can paint gypsy wagons,
Or knobbly knees;
But one thing I wreck,
Although I do try.
I cannot draw Star Trek,
And I don't know why.
Spock's ears defeat me,
Likewise McCoy's grin.
And that smile of Kirk's,
How does that fit in?
The Enterprise sideways,
Or flying face-on,
Something inside says
It's just a big con.
How do others do it?
I cry to my paper.
Spock's chin just won't fit,
And will his eyes taper?
In disgust I still scribble,
And still have a go.
Details I quibble...
I can't draw them, I know.
I'll carry on sketching
But I know without doubt,
I can draw dragons clawing,
But Star Trek is out!


Copyright Lorraine Goodison