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Meg Wright

('And Now All This' by Sellars & Yeatman - Chapter 4 of Section 5)

Kirk's hand paused as it lifted the coffee cup to his lips.

"Wool round the needle from the underside, then between the two points and pull the right-hand needle through."

The knitting session seemed to be progressing well. "Mind if I join you, Jim?"

"Sit down, Bones." Kirk sipped his over-hot coffee delicately, burned his lip, set the cup down speedily and soothed the sore patch with the tip of his tongue.

"That's right, finish knitting to the end of the needle and then you purl back."

"Knitting?" McCoy nodded wisely. "A good, old-fashioned, soothing pastime, I wish more people would take it up. It might reduce my surgery queues."

Kirk grinned. "Go and ask for a lesson too. I'm sure Uhura won't mind."

McCoy peered through the branches of the Beta Draconis fountain azalea, but failed to identify the pupil. "This Physician is quite capable of healing himself," he said smugly. "When was the last time you saw me twitchy with anxiety?"

Kirk pointed an accusatory finger. "Do you want just the last time, or will you have a detailed list?" he demanded.

McCoy waved an airy hand. "Any time you think I was twitchy, you were too busy to notice," he declared, muddled. "The point is; knitting has a well-proven therapeutic and preventive value, and as such I heartily recommend it to anyone. Why is Uhura giving the lesson, though? She has her own duties and I have occupational therapists enough on my staff. "

Kirk grinned, "I can't see this particular pupil coming to any of your nursing staff for lessons."

McCoy bridled. "All highly-trained, skilful young women," he said acidly. "I can see no need for anyone to add to Uhura's problems. I'll tell the young woman so myself."

Kirk pulled him down again. "It's not a young woman, Bones," he explained.

"Well, there's no reason a man shouldn't learn to knit, but all the more reason he should come to my staff and not bother Uhura. They're all of them pretty and most of them accommodating," he winked.

Kirk shook his head. "Precisely why this crewmember sought out Uhura, I guess."

McCoy's eyes opened widely. "No!"


"Why? "

"Why not?"

"Did he give a reason?"

"Not to me."

"I must see this for myself." McCoy rose and made his way round the abundant azalea. The four dark eyes looked up calmly. "Well, hello the pair of you," he said jovially. "Is this a private lesson, or can anyone join?"

Uhura smiled up at him. "It's a private lesson, Doctor, but we'll make an exception in your case, won't we, Mr. Spock?"

The Vulcan drew the wool inexpertly round the needle before replying. "Indeed, I should be interested to see just how the Doctor would manage," he said coolly.

"Any idiot can knit," McCoy challenged,

Spock completed the stitch and passed the work across without speaking.

McCoy put his hands behind his back. "I wouldn't want to show you up," he said, critically inspecting the shapeless mass. "How many stitches have you dropped already?"

Uhura frowned at him. "My pupils don't drop stitches, Doctor," she said firmly. "With a little practice Mr. Spock will become quite competent."

McCoy grinned evilly. "In that case, I'll have a pair of socks next Christmas, Spock, please. A natty red pair would do very nicely."

"Non-regulation." The Vulcan completed another stitch.

"I do have some free time," McCoy smirked.

Spock finished the row, put both needles through the ball and stood up. "I believe I shall manage very well now, thank you, Lieutenant," he said. "Your help has been invaluable. "

"My pleasure, Mr. Spock."

They watched the tall figure leave the room, and McCoy sank into his vacated chair. "Of all the unbelievable sights in the Galaxy, that is the most incredible," he said judicially. "Why in the seven worlds are you teaching Spock to knit, Uhura?"

"He asked me to."

"But why?"

"He didn't say."

"Didn't you ask?"

"It was hardly my place to do so, Doctor."

McCoy raised clenched fists. "Haven't you any natural curiosity, woman?"

She grinned at him and got to her feet. "Plenty, Doctor, but I manage to keep it under control."


Copyright Meg Wright