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In Jacqueline Lichtenberg's series Kraith we met Commodore Spock, from another universe. His Kirk was dead, and Spock, lonely, confused and unhappy, seized on the discovery of the existence of a parallel universe which held a living Kirk. He formed the insane idea of kidnapping Kirk, and persuading him to remain with him. He was encouraged in his plan by the mistaken belief that Kirk was being ill-treated by his Spock. In fact, he had misunderstood incomplete data picked up by the sensors he invented in order to probe the other universe.

Kirk, however, resented his interference, and when Commander Spock followed across the barrier he returned to his own time and place. They understood pitied the Commodore's grief but their lives and future were bound up in their own universe.

We were concerned at the plight of the Commodore; part 1 of the following story arose from our discussion on how he might continue his search.

At the time, expecting this to be a one-off short story, published in the UK and with very little exposure anywhere else in the world, it didn't occur to us to contact Jacqueline to ask if she minded our using the character of the alternate universe Spock, especially since creative responses were, if not common, far from unknown back in the 1970s - and more especially since all we took from it was the situation in which the character found himself. As it happened, when she did discover about our series some years later, Jacqueline was very gracious about it.

In hindsight, however, we have to say that when our series continued to grow, we realised we should have set up our own situation instead of taking one from somewhere else.

Some of the stories are parallel versions of episodes but developed according to the changed parameters of this universe.

This, we feel, is the ultimate in alternate universe stories, being set in an alternate universe of an alternate universe of an alternate universe... but in all seriousness, this series is intended to show the tenacity with which the bond between Kirk and Spock will endure. We hope you enjoy it.