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Variations On A Theme


Variations on a Theme 1 - Saved from a sadistic Captain, Jim Kirk begins to learn self-confidence. (word count - 27103)
First published September 1977

Variations on a Theme 2 - Spock meets his family on Vulcan and Kirk's brother joins the Enterprise crew. (word count - 38634)
First published June 1978

Variations on a Theme 3 - The head of Spock's family decrees that he must bond. (word count - 36066)
First published August 1979

Variations on a Theme 4 - Jim and Spock visit Spock's original universe... only things go seriously wrong. (word count - 40935)
First published May 1980

Variations on a Theme 5 - Starfleet wants to take over part of the Amerind planet, and the Enterprise has to transport Elaan to Troyius. (word count - 36405)
First published October 1981

Variations on a Theme 6 - The Enterprise has to take an assortment of ambassadors to Babel, and Kirk is left to carry out a mission on one of the planets en route. (word count - 45090)
First published February 1982

Variations on a Theme 7 - The Enterprise visits Platonius; then continues to a planet being severely affected by magnetic surges. (word count - 37599)
First published August 1983

Variations on a Theme 8 - Kirk and Spock go on leave - first to Earth, then to Vulcan. (word count -54392)
First published August 1984